Bobbi Brown's 10-Step Beauty: Everyday Makeup for the Everyday Woman

Bobbi Brown
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Bobbi Brown's 10-Step Beauty: Everyday Makeup for the Everyday Woman

The key to prepping your skin for makeup is moisture, and the perfect foundation application starts with a great moisturizer. If you use a tinted moisturizer, don't think you can get away with just that! "Any product with a tint is not going to get fully absorbed and repair the skin the same way a moisturizer would," Kim says. 

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream

This step is one of Bobbi's "secrets to the universe." If you have really dark circles or just need extra coverage, start off with the corrector, which brightens and neutralizes discoloration. Next, layer a yellow-toned concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone over the corrector. It might be an extra step, but believe us -- it's worth it! 

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer

If you don't have to, avoid putting foundation all over your face. Instead, try applying to trouble spots on areas where the skin needs to be evened out. The nose and mouth are usually the reddest parts of the face, so try starting there. 

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick 

For a crease free, and long-wearing finish, Kim says a powder finish is the way to go. However, depending on your skin type, you may not always need it. In order to tell, "(after applying foundation) go do your brows and eye makeup, then go back and look at your skin." If you're still oily, you can apply powder to the spots that need it. 

Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Loose Powder

For bronzer, use a bronzing blush to apply the powder to your cheeks, forehead, nose, chin, and neck. Kim's ultimate secret to applying blush is to smile first, then apply to the apples of your cheeks. Blend towards the hairline, and then down. 

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick

Line lips with a natural-colored liner after you apply your lip color. Bobbi also loves a good gloss. 

Bobbi Brown Lip Color

According to Kim, the key to enhancing your brows is finding the right shade to fill them in with. She suggests finding an eye shadow that matches the color of your hair, and filling your brows in with it as needed. Use a brow brush or mascara wand to comb the hair up and over for a polished look. 

Bobbi Brown Dark Brow Kit

Kim encourages using at least two shadow colors: an all-over color and a darker shade that goes from your crease to your lash line. If you're going for glitter, "the final shade should be the most sparkly -- you want the sparkles to be closest to the light," Kim says. At this point, make sure your brow bones are the lightest area of skin on your face. If they aren't, you may getting too heavy-handed with your makeup application. 

Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow

Okay, so we know gel liner looks tricky, but Kim has us convinced anyone can pull it off -- you just need to get the hang of it! Kim's trick is get up close to your mirror, look up, and rest your chin on it. Then apply the gel liner using a brush, with your eyes open, getting as close to the lash line as possible. "Top liner should always be stronger," Kim says. "If your bottom liner is thicker, it pulls your eyes down too far."

Bobbi Brown Gel Liner

An eyelash curler is essential, but make sure you do your curling before applying mascara. Layer on a few coats of your chosen formula, making sure you carefully roll over your lashes to avoid clumps. 

Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara


There are some beauty brands that are just good. Every product they come up with, whether it's a shimmery bronzer or a creamy concealer, becomes a time-honored classic at the makeup counter. For us, Bobbi Brown is definitely one of those brands.

While we've always loved Bobbi Brown and her products (we're old pros at the gel liner and we couldn't get over those gorgeous Katie Holmes promo photos last winter), our allegiance to the brand went to the next level after we paid a visit to its headquarters in New York City. There, after a Master Class with Kim Soane, Director of Global Artistry and Bobbi's right-hand woman, and our own step-by-step makeup applications, we turned into a couple of verified fangirls -- along with our contributors Born & Bread, City Brewed, and Having it All, who also joined in on the fun.

The highlight of the morning for us was the Master Class with Kim -- the woman definitely knows her stuff. She demonstrated Bobbi's 10-Step Beauty, a daily routine that's all about enhancing your natural beauty, using products from the brand new Navy & Nude summer collection. We were especially excited to try out the new Brightening Brick, which is more subtle than the classic Shimmer Brick, but still imparts a serious, luminous sheen.

Even though Bobbi's 10-Step routine is yes, ten steps, our biggest takeaway from Kim's Master Class is that it's actually not too hard to get the hang of, and completely streamlines the way you do your makeup. We're converts.

Most importantly, it's designed for real women on-the-go. The key, Kim says, is that "you do your makeup, and at any point you look better than the step before, and you could get up and walk away." Bobbi's routine is designed so that if you're in a hurry and have to stop abruptly during say, Step 5, you can get up and walk away while still looking natural, polished, and pretty. "After each step, you look better. It's a really time-efficient way to do real makeup for real women," Kim says.

To get ten steps closer to achieving an (almost) effortless natural beauty look, plus some insider tips and tricks from Kim, click through the gallery!
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