Blondes vs. Brunettes: What does your hair color really mean?

Blondes vs. Brunettes: What Does Your Hair Color Really Mean?
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Blondes vs. Brunettes: What does your hair color really mean?

Megan Fox

Known for piercing blue eyes and dark brown hair, Megan Fox is a "take no prisoners" type of girl. After being voted "Top 25 Hottest Females of 2012" by Maxim magazine, Fox's beauty is undeniable.

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Naomi Watts

This British-Australian actress is a blonde beauty. As a mother of two, her sun kissed hair always looks flawless on and off the runway.

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Lucy Hale

This newcomer has made her mark on the small screen in the hit ABC Family show, "Pretty Little Liars" but she actually got her start after winning the reality show "American Juniors." 

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Reese Witherspoon

After filming "Legally Blonde 1" and "Legally Blonde 2," Reese Witherspoon is no stranger to dumb blonde jokes but she is far from dumb. The actress has now started dipping her feet in film and television production. 

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Leighton Meester

This sexy brunette has done it all. From acting in the hit show "Gossip Girl" to a stint in country music, Leighton Meester is down to earth and beautiful (what a combination).

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Kirsten Dunst

This beachy blonde has played a quirky cheerleader (who saves the day with brilliant flips and kicks) to Spiderman's lover, all looking fabulous with her gorgeous blonde hair.

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Kristy Turlington

This ageless model continues to turn heads not only with her beauty but with her gorgeous brown hair. 

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Brooklyn Decker

This Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model isn't afraid of a little change. She's gone from blonde to brunette and back to blonde, but we think Brooklyn Decker looks her best with beautiful blonde hair.

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Mila Kunis

Number three on "Maxim's Hot One-Hundred List" this Ukrainian-American is GORGEOUS and funny (what a combo)!

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Ashley Olsen

There is no denying that Ashley Olsen is one of those iconic blondes. Since her days on "Full House" to front row at the hottest fashion shows, the one thing that never changes about this fashion mogul is her hair!

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Zooey Deschanel

Who's that girl?? It's Zooey. Deschanel's combination of cute, goofy, and beautiful makes her one of the most endearing actresses in Hollywood. Like Megan Fox, we love how her eyes pop in any outfit with her gorgeous brunette locks.

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Charlize Theron

This South African beauty has come a long way and has changed her hair color more times than we can count. However, most recently, Charlize Theron has been sporting a shaved head for a new role she's filming. We love Charlize but we think she should stick to what she knows best, blonde!

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Rachel Bilson

Playing the adorable Summer Roberts in FOX's hit show "The OC," Rachel Bilson is nothing short of perfect. Her wavy brunette locks compliment her petite figure better than any gorgeous outfit she's seen wearing.

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Emma Stone

Just like the characters she plays, Emma Stone's hair color is ever evolving. The actress has gone from a blonde (her original hair color) to red, to brunette, to blonde, to red and so on!

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Kim Kardashian

Who hasn't tried to recreate the Kardashian waves at least once? Kim Kardashian is as sexy as they come and on-camera, we get the feeling she's more dorky than she'd like to admit (which makes her even better).

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Kate Hudson

It's in her genes! The gorgeous blonde actress is no stranger to beautiful blondes, her mother Goldie Hawn may be one of the most iconic blondes in Hollywood.

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Anne Hathaway

We've seen Anne Hathaway's hair change a lot of the past year but the one thing that hasn't changed is her staple brunette locks. We saw her get an extreme makeover in "The Princess Diaries" and we've seen her chop it all off in "Les Miserable" but we've never seen a color change on Anne. Maybe it's time?

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Gwen Stefani

This is a SERIOUS blonde! Gwen Stefani has always stuck with her blonde roots and isn't afraid to go light, light, light blonde!

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Jennifer Garner

SIGH. Jennifer Garner is gorgeous and her hair always looks healthy and flawless. This mom and actress can do no wrong!

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Amanda Seyfried

We aren't afraid to make this prediction: 2013 is the year of Amanda Seyfried. She has been shining on the red carpet and we expect only bigger and better things for this actress. What makes her even better is her gorgeous "Rapunzel" hair!

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It's a classic argument: blondes have more fun, but brunettes are smarter. Well... what if we told you it was all complete nonsense?

Well, we think it is – we know insanely accomplished and brilliant blonde women, and brunettes who certainly know how to have a good time (while kicking butt in the corporate world too!). But there are many studies out there testing people's perceptions of women with blonde and brunette hair, and some might surprise you.

You may assume that "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" (ah, Marilyn!), but as it turns out, a study conducted by the University of Westminster in the U.K. and the Scandanavian Journal of Psychology suggests that men in fact prefer brunettes.

The study was conducted with a fair-skinned woman going to three different nightclubs with her hair dyed brunette, blonde, or red. It was done professionally so that she looked natural, and the goal was to see how many men approached her.

She was approached the most as a blonde, second as brunette and least as a redhead, but when further inquiries were made with men at those same clubs, they said they found her as a brunette more appealing overall. To them, she came across most attractive, intelligent, approachable and dependable as a brunette, more temperamental as a redhead, and needy as a blonde.

Now you may say that some of these comments are just stereotypical, but it was unusual to see that men didn't prefer blondes overall, as past studies have shown. Interestingly enough, women of all hair types have said they prefer men with dark hair (and so do lionesses! Crazy right? Male lions with dark manes are more likely to be pride leaders).

Fun fact! Natural blondes have significantly more hair than brunettes, because evolutionary science tells us that hair evolved in part to protect our scalp from the sun's rays. With less pigmentation than brunettes, blondes developed more hair to get that protective barrier.

A separate study done in the U.K. in 2011 surveying 2000 men, found that almost a third said they preferred brunettes. When this study was conducted in other countries such as France, U.S., Spain, Italy and Brazil, the most preferred hair color was black.

So what does this all mean? Psychologists tell us that women who are not naturally born blondes tend to go blonde because they want to stand out. And they succeed – because only 10% of the population is actually naturally blonde. In a sea of dark-haired women, a blonde is certainly going to turn heads. But it seems that old stereotypes die hard, because in the recent financial hard times, we have seen more blonde women dying their hair dark in order to be perceived as more professional in the office, and thus less likely to be laid off.

There are a few things we do know: blonde hair is much rarer than brunette locks, so if you've got it, we're sure you rock it! We also know that in a world of 7 billion people, it's imperative to find yourself and stand out – and if hair color (whether red, pink, blonde, black or tri-colored) helps you define yourself, embrace it.

In the end, your hair color is simply a trait, not who you are.

Click through the gallery above to see some famous blonde and brunette faces: what do you think their hair says about them?

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