Biggest Music Festival Mistakes: Governor's Ball Dos and Don'ts

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Biggest Music Festival Mistakes: Governor's Ball Dos and Don'ts
DO: Keep your essential belongings safe and securely fastened to you at all times. Don't just stick your tickets, ID and credit card in your pockets. Make sure to carry a wallet like this Continental Wallet that has magnetic closure and a fixed space for credit cards.
DO: Stay hydrated all day long. Standing under the sweltering sun for hours and hours to see your favorite headliner isn't worth skimping on sips. Purify your water on-the-go with this stylish bottle made of recycled plastic that filters water as you drink.
DO: Wear closed toe shoes like these Keep sneakers. Flip-flops can easily get lost in the crowd and delicate sandals may suffer from wear and tear. The handsewn quilted piece accent on these kicks adds a fun music fest look.
DO: Protect your skin from the hot sun rays by any means possible. A dramatic beach hat offers a little glamour and a lot of protection to last all weekend long. 
DO: Pack a raincoat for when the weather goes awry. We love a selection like this Spinning Circles Raincoat because it won't cramp your style when the clouds subside.
DO: Wear fabulous sunglasses with 100% UV protection. You don't want to lose your favorite pair of expensive designer shades amidst all the excitement and dancing in the festival crowd. Oversized frames that are glamorous yet affordable are the way to go!
DO: Mix beachwear with street wear out on Randall's Island. Sleeveless bandeaus could mean risky business considering all the dancing to be done. But a chic, '50s inspired bikini top with straps and high waisted shorts is an easy breezy choice.
DO: Take fun pictures to cherish all the best Governor's Ball performances and new friendships made on the island. What happens at music festivals, stays at music festivals, but who says you can't look back on the wild moments you had there!
DO: Keep hair ties close-by. Under the hot summer sun, or after a spot of rain, it'll be time to throw your hair up in a ponytail. Stay playful with these printed stretchy ties that will leave your hair smooth and damage-free.

What happens at music festivals stays at music festivals... Right? Well, if you make a rookie music festival mistake you could be going home with more than just the festival's souvenir t-shirt. Here's the 19 music festival Dos and Don'ts to help you survive and succeed at Governor's Ball.

Click the gallery for our top 9 Dos for music festival survival.

Music festivals are high time to let loose and forget about nine to fives and weekday responsibilities. By golly, it's Guns N' Roses on center stage at Governor's Ball in New York City, there's no room for cautious planning when rocking out to kings and queens against conformism! Before you set fire to structure, take heed to these words of wisdom rather than making a big music festival mistake. If it's your first (or even 3rd!) time at Governor's Ball or any music festival this summer, we've got 19 music festival Dos and Don'ts to take heed to when it comes to fashion and festival fun.

Top 10 Music Festival DON'Ts:
  1. Don't wear flip-flops. In the midst of dancing among hundreds of people in muddy conditions, you're bound to lose a 'flop and possibly get a toe scrunched, too. Under the varying weather conditions of music festivals, keep your feet protected from the elements and other festival goers with a good pair of sneakers.
  2. Don't bring a chain wallet. Governor's Ball prohibits chains or chain wallets of any kind within the festival grounds, so keep that punk purse of yours at home for the weekend. Go for a slouched, faux leather cross-body bag that can fit all of your music festival essentials.
  3. Don't pack a large backpack. While it's great to bring a blanket or beach towel, plastic sealed bottles of water and maybe a raincoat, you're going to have to keep your bag size to a minimum. The festival does not allow any large backpacks onto Randall's Island, so pack only what you need.
  4. Don't wear designer shoes. From Kanye West to The XX to Kings of Leon, Governor's Ball will be a star-studded event you want to look great for. But realize that wearing your new designer shoes probably means never having them look as good as they do now, ever again. Among trampling feet and muddy grounds, designer fashion choices can become casualties of the festival.
  5. Don't wear just a bikini. Yes, the summer heat is hard to stand, but it won't last all day and neither will a bikini outfit. When it starts to pour, get a little breezy or turn to night, suddenly wearing a bikini won't feel like such a great idea.
  6. Don't heavily style your hair. While we love amazing curls or intricate updos, chances are curls will come undone during performance changes and updos may get squashed in the crowd. Save some time and go for a great braided look, a tousled messy bun or a wild-child straight and sleek 'do.
  7. Don't bring an umbrella. With impending thunderstorms in the forecast for Governor's Ball, our first instinct is to grab an umbrella. Unfortunately, the dangers of holding an umbrella can keep you out of Governor's Ball. Get inside the festival with a rain poncho instead!
  8. Don't wear a strapless bra as a top. While bandeaus and strapless bras are allowed on the festival grounds, it could pose as risky business when dancing and letting loose. Dress up your look with a vintage bikini top and high waist shorts for a more chic, full-coverage look.
  9. Don't pack a professional camera. Cameras with detachable lenses, tripods, big zooms, or commercial use rigs are not allowed at Governor's Ball. A disposable number will do just the trick!
  10. Don't wear heavy eye makeup. Sweating under the sweltering sun can cause your eye makeup to ware and ruin your beauty look. Keep your music festival makeup routine simple with a bright lip stain, long-lasting mascara, and rosy cheeks.
And don't forget to get to the box office before 10pm! Missing out on the late night headliners is not an option so stick to the transportation schedule and claim your spot in the crowd.

Click the gallery above for our top 9 Dos for music festival survival.

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