The all-time best episodes of 'Sex and the City'

The best 6 Sex and the City episodes
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The all-time best episodes of 'Sex and the City'

Carrie precariously joins Aidan on a trip to the Country. I don't blame her. With her love for high heels and fancy couture, the country isn't for either of us.
BONUS: hijinks ensue between Aidan and Big.

Carrie can't sleep because the chickens are crowing all night long on the roof next door. Samantha can't sleep because the drag queens in her neighborhood keep crowing too.
BONUS: The girls throw a roof-top party fit for Summer.

Nathan Lane guest stars, gets engaged and a wedding takes place... in the Hamptons!
BONUS: Charlotte finally falls in love with Harry. Samantha explodes at Richard's villa, some "violence" involved that will certainly make you crack up.

Carrie loves her city more than any man. If he can't respect that, she can't be with him. PLUS, Big is moving away from New York City to the Napa Valley?
BONUS: This episode makes you both appreciate and have a deeper love for the city that is New York. Also, Big and Carrie share a dance to Moon River, on vinyl. Classic.

Mean girls are taking over the city and they're 14?! Samantha has to work PR for a super-spoiled teenager's birthday party. BONUS: Seeing a more playful, young side of Carrie with her new boy-toy and razor scooter antics.
Carrie gets broken up with on a post-it note? Hopefully enough men watched this to know how much of a no-no that is. So cold. You really feel for Carrie in this one. BONUS: Carrie, infuriatingly pissed off, is determined not to make the day 'the day she got broke up with a post-it.' You get to see her tell off her ex's bewildered friends about how they shouldn't treat women this way. Also, she gets busted for smoking a doobie. Yes. A doobie.

To me these two episodes were the most fun (and ultimately) my favorites to watch. The fashion is of a higher grade, the fabulousness reaches heights of unimagined greatness. Carrie. Paris. That's All!
BONUS: Big finally comes after Carrie, like a fairy tale. The prince is saving his damsel in distress.

I can't really even begin to pick the best episodes from this iconic show. Each episode kind of melds into the next one. It's all amazing. I guess I should start by explaining how I first came into becoming a fan of Carrie Bradshaw (mainly!) Charlotte York, Samantha Jones and Miranda Hobbes. I grew up in Florida. Where they have the best public library systems in the country. We could actually rent music and movies from any of our libraries. I had never watched the show before, because I was too young when it was on TV. Then I saw a disc available for rent and decided to pick it up. I started with Season 3, Disc 3. Very odd for me. Especially since I always like to watch everything in order. But that was the disc available, and let's say after popping it in that night, I was obsessed. After that, I searched high and low for more available disks. After watching a few more, I caved and bought the whole series on DVD. Totally worth it! They make for a good pick me up. I always feel like one of the girls. As if I'm the fifth best friend, and part of this fashionable party.

However, since this is a "best of" post. I did manage to select a few episodes that struck a chord with me or just plain stuck out as good.

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