Behind the Scenes with ODLR and Paperless Post

When fashion powerhouse Oscar de la Renta decided to partner with Paperless Post, the two combined forces to create an incredible line of wedding invitations. While the result is a flawless and beautiful collection, the work that went into this collection was immense. StyleList spoke to Cat Chi from Paperless Post and Marissa Kraxberger from ODLR about this exciting collaboration.

Paperless Post to Runway
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Behind the Scenes with ODLR and Paperless Post

Art Director Cat Chi is an illustrator by trade, which is why the collection for Oscar de la Renta was so exciting. "They sent over the most amazing designs from so many beautiful collections. The inspiration was incredible and we just started sketching," said Cat. What made the collaboration so unique were the different perspectives each team brought to the table. "We [Paperless Post] offered our skills and insight, while Oscar offered something different. They challenged our way of thinking and we offered a new way for them to view the collection."

For over 50 years, Oscar de la Renta has been a staple in the fashion industry. We spoke with Marissa Kraxberger, the VP of Marketing and Art Director for Oscar de la Renta. "Oscar is so timeless, classic, and elegant, but one of the amazing things about Oscar is that we're really innovative. We embrace the digital realm and that makes us stand out. We are quick to embrace change and technology, which really made Paperless Post the perfect partner," Marissa noted.

The line is an incredible collaboration, creating inspirational yet attainable wedding invitations. To see how the runway look turned into a wedding invitation, click the gallery above!
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