Beauty Myths Debunked

Beauty Myths Debunked
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Beauty Myths Debunked

Greasy and fatty foods like chocolate, pizza, potato chips, and French fries cause acne.

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I don’t need to use sunscreen in the winter.

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I don


Dangerous UV rays are still detrimental to your skin in the winter, even when you can

Expensive beauty products always work better than inexpensive ones.

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While some pricey cosmetic items may give you better results than what you can pick up at the corner convenience store, a higher price does not equal a better product. Always check the labels and do research before choosing that $150 moisturizer over a $12 alternative.

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Blackhead removing strips can prevent blackheads.

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Although blackhead removing pore strips may temporarily lessen the unsightly appearance of clogged pores, the strips don

I have oily skin so I don


Cleansing strips away skin

Waxing the hair off my upper lip will make it grow back thicker.

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Waxing causes the base of the hair to become exposed, which can make it appear as though the hair is growing back thicker. In reality, hair never grows back thicker than it was in the first place.

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Dark circles around the eye are caused by a lack of sleep.

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Dark circles can be genetic, and can also be from a large amount of blood vessels underneath the thin skin below your eyes.

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Toothpaste is a great spot treatment for my acne.

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TRUE -- sort of.

Toothpaste is made up of ingredients that can dry up pimples, but it is no better than conventional than acne spot treatments, and many products designed for acne do a much better job than this alternative.

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Rubbing your wrists together after you apply perfume to them will only cause the scent to break apart and disperse more quickly, altering the oil blend of the scent.

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Drinking water will keep my skin from drying out.

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Your concealer should be two shades lighter than my skin tone?

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Unless you want to look ridiculous, don

All of your skincare products should be from the same brand.

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Choose the products that are right for you, no matter their brand.

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Whether you've seen "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" or not, you may know that the Grandma fixes everything (from a creaky door to an unsightly pimple) with Windex. This interesting method got us thinking about other bizarre beauty tricks we've heard.

Have you ever heard of toothpaste curing a pimple, dark circles are caused from a lack of sleep, and greasy food can give you bad skin? Whether you believe that these are true or not, we find out once and for all!

We uncover fact from fiction and find out which beauty wives tales are really true, and which are complete myths.

Click through the gallery above to find out!

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