Top 9 beauty hacks to survive the holiday season

Holiday Beauty Hacks
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Top 9 beauty hacks to survive the holiday season

Holiday Lips Beauty Hack: While you’re at holiday parties, you’re going to kiss a lot of family members on the cheek. You don’t want to leave a mark, so try this trick for a hydrated but not glossy lip: Mix a matte lipstick with a balm for the perfect blend. 

Healthy Cuticles Beauty Hack: As you’re running around town planning parties and darting from store to store shopping, your hands are definitely going to suffer this holiday season. When your cuticles start to get dry and crack, try using your favorite facial oil (we love Age Perfect Glow Renewal Facial Oil) as cuticle oil! 

Static-Free Hair Beauty Hack: Tame flyaways by grabbing an extra toothbrush, spritzing it with hairspray and gently combing problem pieces. Your hair will be smooth and soft, without too much hold!

Lash Lengthening Beauty Hack: Make your eyes really stand out for those holiday parties by coating your lashes with mascara from root to tip. To avoid getting formula on your eyelids -- try this trick: Place a spoon on your eyelid and brush the mascara up your lashes, along the spoon. 

Rosy Cheeks Beauty Hack: Whether they’re from the chill in the air or a glass of wine, one of our favorite beauty looks of the holiday season is pretty, flushed cheeks. Re-create this look by using lipstick in a creamy formula and a shade of pink that you already know works with your skin tone. 

Holiday Hair Beauty Hack: There’s nothing worse than creating an elaborate updo and having it fall out one hour into your holiday party. Give your bobby pins extra staying power by laying them out on a paper towel and spraying them with a generous coat of hairspray. Let them dry, and when you put them in your hair, you’ll be set to party the night away!

Dark Circles Beauty Hack: Late nights celebrating with family and friends can lead to tired eyes. Try using highlighter instead of concealer under your eyes (not just on your cheekbones!) The light will reflect better and make you look more awake.

Hair Color Beauty Hack: Get a chic at-home ombre by using a root touch-up in a shade slightly darker than your hair. Carefully blend it down your locks, but avoid the ends. Everyone at the party will be asking what salon you went to!

Holiday Nails Beauty Hack: Want to try something new but still madly in love with your favorite nail polish color? Get a different finish for the holidays by mixing your bold dark polish with a dash of baking powder to give it a cool suede-like matte finish.

By: The Beauty Experts at L'Oréal Paris

The holiday season is upon us, and while that means parties, big dinners and family and friend reunions, it also means a beauty woe or two. From destroying your nails as you're frantically wrapping gifts to dealing with the dreaded static that comes with wearing your adorable winter hat, the pitfalls are nearly unavoidable! But never fear: For every woe, there's a beauty hack -- and we've got you covered.

Above, 9 of the best holiday beauty hacks to get you through the turkey-eating, gift-wrapping season looking gorgeous.
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