Beachy Chic: How to Create a Flattering Kaftan

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Beachy Chic: How to Create a Flattering Kaftan
Click through the gallery for simple instructions to DIY a chic kaftan that steers clear of frumpy beach fashion!

When selecting your fabric you can go with a light polyester knit, cotton gauze or a sheer fabric. But try to avoid heavier fabrics that won’t fall well across your body. 

For a full-length kaftan, you’ll need about 3 yards of fabric, but you can easily adjust accordingly for your own length preference and body type. 

Select a ribbon in a complimentary color, which will be used as a belt. 

To create the neck hole, fold the fabric in half lengthwise and center it across your shoulders. Mark the top of each shoulder, then make one additional mark several inches below in the center to create a V. 

Lay the fabric on your flat workspace and cut out the neck hole triangle (imagine a v-neck). The key is to only cut the top layer. 

To create the belt loops for your ribbon, try on the kaftan and cinch it tight around your torso. Draw a mark at the thinnest spot on both sides of your waist. The two dots should only be about one foot apart from each other.
Now cut vertical lines at each point that are just wide enough for your ribbon to slip right through.

Next, simply weave the ribbon through each side, pull tight and tie it behind your back.  Try different ribbons for added fun.

Now for only a few bucks, you have a form-flattering, chic kaftan to wear out to the beach or when you’re relaxing by the pool. 


This summer, the long flowing kaftan is 'in,' but it can easily look frumpy and unflattering. Ditch the disheveled look, and create your own beachy chic kaftan with this simple no-sew DIY project. Whether it's for a day on the beach or a night on the town, this handcrafted kaftan will keep you looking chic all summer long.

Click the gallery for a step-by-step tutorial to create a beachy chic kaftan.

Create Your Own Beachy Chic Style

Create Your Own Beachy Chic Style
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