'The Bachelor: The Women Tell All' fashion recap: Andi's teal dress

On last night's episode of The Bachelor: The Women Tell All special, we didn't exactly learn anything we didn't already know about Juan Pablo. The glib Bachelor Latino was pretty much himself throughout the duration of the episode, and we really enjoyed seeing the various rejected (some by their own volition) women get their chance at defending themselves.

Of course, our favorite bachelorette of the season, Andi (crossing our fingers she becomes The Bachelorette), made an appearance, and while we're all for a good public shaming of Juan Pablo, we couldn't help but notice her teal dress too. We're actually going to miss Andi's style on The Bachelor, considering we're left with Nikki and her headband. In honor of Andi's departure (and her cute teal dress), we think buying this Forever 21 tunic or Amanda Uprichard dress in the same hue will help ease the pain of Nikki's questionable style. We'll be back next week with a fashion recap of the grand finale.
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