Avoid the trend: Winter's worst style mistakes

Avoid the Trend: Winter's Worst Style Mistakes
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Avoid the trend: Winter's worst style mistakes

AVOID: Patterned Tights

Tights with patterns can be cute, we admit, but they can also be disastrous.  There are too many patterns out there that you're bound to come across some bad ones! Be careful - and very picky - which you choose to purchase.  They often look very different on the body than they do in the packaging.  

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CHOOSE: Solid Tights

You are always safe with solid tights - whether you prefer opaque like Alexa Chung's here, or sheer - you cannot go wrong, and they're always slimming. Win win!

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AVOID: Fur Boots

Honestly, it's hard to tell the difference between the boots and the pup! Most people don't choose boots this over-the-top, but we still see fur boots as a no go. It's not attractive to look like you are wearing an animal on your feet. Especially for guys.

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CHOOSE: Practical (and Cute!) Snow Boots

We love these boots Kristen Bell wore to a party in her honor during Sundance this year - they're totally practical but cute at the same time! And yes, you get a little fluff in there - so your feet will be toasty warm.

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AVOID: Cutoff Shorts and Tights

Save the cutoff shorts (especially jean) for the summer! Pairing them with tights does not make them acceptable in winter - it makes them look tacky. Cutoffs are very casual, and tights usually attempt to dress them up (though not Nicki's pink and black tights!).

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CHOOSE: Dressier Shorts and Tights

Shorts and tights can be a cute look - just make it a dressier one.  Miranda Kerr's look is glam with the leather shorts, but you could also choose a pair that are tweed or black, maybe even satin.  If you're going to go for this look, go all out!

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AVOID: Fingerless Gloves

Now if you're Justin Bieber, this may just be a style for the stage, but for lots of people who sport this look it's for the ability to use your hands. We know, it's annoying that you can't text on your iPhone when you have gloves on! But don't settle for this fashion mishap just because you're desperate to tweet as you're walking to work.

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CHOOSE: Touch Gloves

These gloves are an amazing invention that come in all colors and styles.  They have special tips on the glove's fingers so that your finger is able to register on your touch phone.  There, problem solved - you can text, and they're cute! Try this pair by Echo.

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AVOID: Big Furry Hats

We all want to keep our ears warm, and sometimes a furry hat is cute, but do your best to avoid one this oversized! We usually adore everything Olivia Palermo wears, but this hat simply dwarfs her.

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CHOOSE: A Cute Beanie

Models at the 2013 Fall/Winter BCBG Runway show all wore beanies with their outfits, and it was a great look.  Keep your ears warm and avoid looking like a mountain man by keeping your hat simple.  Just be sure your hair is fully dry before you put on that hat, or you could suffer from hat hair!

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AVOID: Leggings Under a Dress

This is not Natasha Bedingfield's best look, nor do we think it ever really will be when someone attempts to put leggings under a dress or skirt.  Just go for tights: it's a look that is much more put-together.

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CHOOSE: Tights with a Dress

Keep those legs warm with tights! You can choose thicker ones if it's quite cold out, but these keep your look seamless (especially if you go with opaque black to compliment black shoes, like Amanda does).

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AVOID: Puffy Jackets with a Nice Outfit

We know, it keeps you warm.  And that's fine for everyday, but please - if you're going to dress up - dress up your coat! Wearing a puffy jacket over a nice dress just ruins the look!

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CHOOSE: A Classic Silhouette Coat

Take a note from the best: Kate Middleton is the queen (no pun intended!) of rocking a gorgeous coat.  She always looks put together, and knows how to wear the right coat for each occasion.

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We accept that winter months are plagued with shorter days, bitter winds, and unruly precipitation (though we will not be happy about it). But one thing that often suffers - and really ought not to! - is your style.

Trading in your bright spring hues for darker shades and lots of black does not doom you to looking drab! There are a few style mistakes that lots of us make during the winter, and unfortunately, they can seriously hurt our street cred in the style world. Every year, there are trends to embrace and trends to avoid: and we've certainly got our opinions on some for this winter.

Click through the gallery above to see some winter trends that we all need to kick to the curb, and what you can wear instead!

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