Are these the next big beauty icons?

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Are these the next big beauty icons?
When we think of women who always have their fingers on the next big thing in beauty, our minds instantly focus on model Soo Joo Park. We appreciate Park's fearlessness in the face of copious amounts of bleach and love how it makes her stand out on any runway.
So-purple-it's-almost-black lipstick? Yeah, we'd say that bold choice is enough to place Rooney Mara in our roster of the biggest beauty stars out there. Mara's honed her goth-glam aesthetic both on and off screen — and we think it suits her just perfectly.
Va-voom. That's usually what we think when we set our eyes on Olivia Munn, who has successfully proven that being totally hilarious and smoking-hot don't have to be mutually exclusive. We just can't figure out how this stunner manages to look like she just came back from vacation all the time — but we can say that she's inspired us to stock up on luminizing primer.
We've always admired Michelle Obama's polished beauty looks, but we fell even harder for the stylish FLOTUS when she made not one but two big hair changes over the course of her time in the White House: first with heavy, blunt bangs and then with ombré-esque highlights. 

While first ladies are typically thought of as stylish and well-dressed, Obama has set a new standard for the role with her willingness to take some pretty major beauty risks — while still managing to look classically cool, poised, and powerful.
We would never say that there's a new Audrey Hepburn in town — because that would just be full-on blasphemy — but the closest modern approximation we've seen of Hepburn's chic, feminine style (and bold brows!) is Lily Collins. Petite, brunette, and pixie-like, Collins has earned full-on beauty-star status with fearless hair and makeup looks that continue to push the envelope. She may be young, but as far as we're concerned, this starlet is already a beauty vet.
It's no secret that French women usually kill it in the beauty department. But, Léa Seydoux, in our opinion, has ushered in a new era of innocent-yet-totally-seductive, Jane Birkin-esque charm. Seydoux has had a packed schedule ever since her memorable breakout role in Midnight In Paris. We're predicting big things for this woman (and yes, we will be stealing her metallic silver smoky-eye look).
Raise your hand if you're as obsessed with Scandal — and the show's drop-dead-gorgeous star, Kerry Washington. Washington is always willing to take a beauty risk, especially when it comes to makeup (exhibit A: her sea-green eyeshadow here), but the actress always looks polished and classic. Her glowing skin doesn't hurt, either.
Back in the day, Marlene Dietrich incorporated masculinity into her personal style. Now, Monáe reinvents boyish-glam, looking like a future femme fatale with a killer set of pipes. Monáe's sculpted updos and bright lipstick choices always add the perfect ladylike touch to her red-carpet looks — seriously, can we talk about that amazing rolled 'do?
Two words: those eyes. Freida Pinto captured hearts the world over with her big, beautiful baby browns in Slumdog Millionaire, and the star has since proven that she can own a red carpet as well. Always game for interesting updos and colorful makeup choices, we're hoping to see more from the talented Bombay native, both style-wise and on the big screen.
Flame-haired Florence Welch has one of the music industry's most unique voices, sure — but we can't stop staring at her gorgeous beauty looks. From her glowing skin to her vibrant-yet-somehow-natural-looking crimson locks, Welch manages to always make a statement while showing off her God-given beauty at the same time. We'd go so far as to say that she's the next-gen Stevie Nicks.
As the latest indie darling, Elizabeth Olsen has established herself as much, much more than Mary-Kate and Ashley's little (and taller!) sister. Plum movie roles aside, we love how Olsen always gets it right in the beauty department, with just-so rumpled locks and natural-but-not makeup. A graduate of NYU's Tisch School and former stage actress, Olsen has the look of the hot brainiac next door (who just so happened to find herself on the red carpet).
Superstar Zoe Saldaña's bold sense of style can't be put in a box — and neither can her beauty looks, which can vary from sweet to super-edgy depending on the day. Saldaña is the perfect example of a woman who appreciates the extra oomph that fabulous hair and makeup can add to any outfit — and we love that we can never predict what she's going to do next.

Grace Kelly's refined beauty defined a decade. Audrey Hepburn's wide-eyed gaze set the standard for gamine good looks. But, these days, we're looking for modern inspiration among women who represent the new faces of beauty. Some are on the cutting edge, while others rock more classic looks, but we'd like to argue that these 12 stars are the ones to watch for the best hair, makeup, and nail looks out there.

From Rooney Mara's deep-plum lips to Janelle Monáe's fearless updos, these women appreciate the power of a good beauty look - and are subsequently the most likely to inspire us to cut our hair or try a new eyeshadow look. Click through to see the 12 women that are setting the new standard for loveliness. Did your favorite star make the cut?

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