Adored & Remembered: Lilly Pulitzer

According to AP and her brand's Facebook page, Lilly Pullitzer Rousseau passed away the morning of April 7, 2013 surrounded by her loved ones in Palm Beach, Florida. The legendary designer was 81 years old. Pulitzer was the queen of bright, fun patterns whose designs are adored by women across the country.

Her dresses were a sensation in the 1960's, and are still beloved today. Pulitzer's classic designs have left a vibrant mark on this world.

Life is a party, dress like it. -- Lilly Pulitzer

Pulitzer told the Associated Press in 2009 that she designed whatever "struck [her] fancy" at the moment, from peacocks to fruit, to vegetables. She said she had little to no business sense at the beginning, but simply was having a ton of fun. As she started the line when she was young, it was targeted towards young women. The brand's current president says that they now target the "daughter and granddaughter of that original customer," though we see the brand worn and loved by women of all ages.

Our Favorites from Lilly Pulitzer

Our Favorite from Lilly Pulitzer
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