A week in the life of Josie Maran

Week in the life of Josie Maran
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A week in the life of Josie Maran

Getting ready to share the argan love on QVC. Wearing sparkly dresses, getting my nails done—it never gets old. And when my husband sends flowers? The. Best.

In between QVC shows, the girls and I love to work in the garden on our farm in Pennsylvania. 

The best part of coming home: hugging my daughters.

Second-best part of coming home: being back at JMC headquarters with my work-family.

THere’s a whole lotta laughter everyday at JMC. Costumes, babies, dogs—and an amazing group of committed visionaries.

And let’s not forget the joys of the LA sunshine. Sometimes I have a snowy hike one morning, and an 80-degree hike the next. 

Yes, I run a cosmetics company. And yes, some days no makeup is the best makeup.

At our house, we don’t wait for Halloween to play dress-up. Being kooky is just too much fun.

I was lucky enough to travel to Nairobi, Kenya, to witness and make a video of the amazing empowerment work of Mary Alice Onyura, our Model Citizen 2014. I can’t wait to share this inspiration when the video premiers on Mother’s Day 2014!


Entrepreneur and guest editor Josie Maran is a busy woman. From running her incredibly successful cosmetic line to being a mom, actress and model, needless to say, a week in the life of Josie Maran is unpredictable.

Whether she's spending time with her daughters or working on her cosmetic line (sans makeup), we loved seeing how busy yet passionate she is about her life. Check out the gallery above to see a snapshot of Josie's week.
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