A true monarch: Queen Elizabeth's style transformation

Queen Elizabeth's Style Transformation
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A true monarch: Queen Elizabeth's style transformation
A positively precious portrait of Princess Elizabeth, daughter of the Duke and Duchess of York. 
Princess Elizabeth, wearing a sharp little coat, walks in to visit the Royal Tournament at Olympia.
Princess Elizabeth stands beside her younger sister, Princess Margaret Rose.
Wearing a sweet pink dress, Princess Elizabeth looks quite charming, standing with her mother and sister.
Princess Elizabeth standing with her grandmother, Queen Mary, matching her younger sister in a long trench coat and mary-jane shoes.
Princess Elizabeth looking studious (if unhappily so) at Windsor Castle.  
Princess Elizabeth wearing a summer dress and sunhat in the grounds of Windsor Castle. 
An official picture of when Princess Elizabeth acceded to the throne, becoming Queen, and wearing some impressive jewels.
Talk about a long train! Her Majesty at her wedding to the Duke of Edinburgh.
The Queen in a floral-patterned dress for a tour of Aden, Yemen.
Queen Elizabeth II in Sweden, wearing a lot of pearls and an interesting hat.
The Queen wearing a classic jacket as she stands with Prince Charles and Prince Edward at Windsor castle.
Queen Elizabeth II wore a vibrant coat and hat at Ventnor during a royal visit to the Isle of Wight. 
The Queen, in a fuchsia dress, walks beside U.S. President Richard Nixon.
Now that is glamour: from the intricate pattern, to the fur and crown, there's not much else we can ask for!
Queen Elizabeth looks like she's ready for spring in this plaid dress and bright hat.
Navy and white is always in style, and we appreciate the small pattern on her dress mixed with the bold lines of the hat.
Queen Elizabeth II stands out in robin's egg blue during a visit to Hong Kong.
The Queen and Prince Philip attend a formal banquet, the queen in a bright pink gown and a very expensive -- and we expect heavy -- accessory on her head.
The Queen visited South Africa and wore a bright yellow hat with this patterned dress.
London must be chilly in November! The Queen wore this large fur coat as she left the House of the Lords.
The Queen and Prince Philip attend the premiere of the "Die Another Day" James Bond flick, dressed to impress!
U.S. President George W. Bush is formally welcomed to the U.K. by the Queen, dressed here in a lilac coat and hat.
The Queen's hats keep getting better and better, and we love the top hat vibe this one has for Trooping the Colour.
A lady in pink always shows up men in black (though they look quite dapper as well!).
Her Majesty looked stunning in this white coat to visit the Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade Watch House and Museum.
Queen Elizabeth II attends the Order of the Bath service, dressed in traditional garments, and looking lovely.
The Queen looks chic in this dress as she and Prince Philip attend a performance at the Royal Opera House.
The Queen dials up the fun of this look by wearing vibrant, neon pink in her accents, paired with a lavender wool coat.
Her Majesty attends the State Banquet at Buckingham Palace, dressed in silk.
The Queen hosts a garden party at Buckingham Palace, and we're loving the sheer umbrella.
The Queen wore this intricately patterned dress during a two-day tour of Slovenia.
The Queen attends the Christmas Day church service, looking lovely in a holiday-themed outfit.
Her Majesty knows how to accessorize, and we can't get enough of her great looks!
The Queen wore this floral dress during a visit to Abu Dhabi.
Prepping for the royal wedding in style, the Queen attends a dinner in this metallic and periwinkle gown.
Dashing leaders! Looking stunning in an embellished dress, Queen Elizabeth prepares to attend a State Banquet with U.S. President Barack Obama.
Queen Elizabeth accessorizes this monochrome ensemble with vibrantly colored flowers.
The Queen shares a laugh at the Queen's Cup Polo Day in 2012, dressed in the color of success.
The dark trim on this coat adds another level of sophistication, as if the Queen needed any help in that department!
This portrait of Queen Elizabeth by photographer David Bailey was released on April 20, 2014 to mark her majesty's 88th birthday on Monday April 21. 

Queen Elizabeth II turns 89 on April 21st, and having been named one of the world's most glamorous women by British Vogue, she is known for her elegance and regal style.

She was the first child of The Duke and Duchess of York (later King George VI and Queen Elizabeth) and was named for her mother. She was third in line to the throne, after her uncle and her father. When she was still a young girl, her grandfather passed away, and her uncle, who had become King Edward VIII, quickly abdicated the throne to her father. All of a sudden, Princess Elizabeth was next in line, and the young lady started to study for her future role.

Before her ascension to the throne in 1952, the Queen – then Princess – was seen wearing printed dresses and ruffle details. She was educated at home with her sister, Princess Margaret, and learned constitutional history, French and religion. Princess Elizabeth married Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten on November 20, 1947, and the couple have four children, eight grandchildren, and now four great-grandchildren with the additions of Prince George and Mia! Much has changed during The Queen's life, from the invention of television to the first step on the moon, but one staple for the U.K. has been their elegant monarch.

Once Queen, her style took a more sophisticated turn to skirt suits for public appearances (lots of them). What has always remained, though, are her signature strands of pearls. Click through the gallery to see Queen Elizabeth II's style transformation.

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