A total body workout in 20 minutes -- seriously!

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A total body workout in 20 minutes -- seriously!


  • Builds Upper and Lower Body Strength.
  • Elevates Heart Rate
  • Leans Out The Body

How To: Start as if you are getting in the starting blocks for a 100-meter sprint. Shift forward, do a pushup, and push back to sprinter start. Repeat exercise in 3 sets (1 minute each)!


  • Tightens Your Obliques
  • Great For Toning Arms
  • Elevates Heart Rate

How To: From top of a pushup, jump and place feet up and out to your side while your feet are facing the side, as well. Repeat on other side.

Incorporate this dynamic exercise into your core routine and watch your sides shrink! Do each side for 20 seconds, for a total of 2 sets.


  • Strengthens your glutes, hamstrings and quads
  • Improves your balance
  • Increases Heart Rate

How To: Start with one leg back. Both feet pointed straight ahead. On your lead/front leg, line up your second toe (next to your big toe) with your kneecap and bend your front knee. You never want the knee to go forward over the toe. Lower your back knee lower to one inch above the ground. Now kick the back leg up in the air with your toes pointed down. Then place the leg that is in the air back to the lunge position. Repeat this for each leg for 1 minute. Three sets total. 


  • Builds Leg Strength
  • Increases Heart Rate
  • Increases Hip Flexibility

How To: From a deep squat with hands on the ground, jump forward 3x, and then back 3x. Control the landing of the jump by having both feet land at the same time. You want your feet to be flat on the ground before your squat to prevent knee injury. Preform this dynamic movement for 1 minute and for a total of 3 sets. 


  • Strengthens your Transverse Abdominis muscles which are responsible for trunk stabilization
  • Strengthens your oblique muscles which help in trunk rotation

How To: Lie down on your side and stack up your hips. Take your bottom arm and extend it flat along your side (palm down) to help with stabilization. Take your other arm and place your hand behind your head. Lift your legs off the ground while crunching your upper body towards your legs. It is very important to initiate the “crunch” from deep within your core body and not by pulling your neck. Lower your legs and down simultaneously. Do 12 reps on each side. Perform three sets!


If you like to jump, kick, and sweat, then these exercises are for you. We enlisted the help of fitness guru Todd McCullough, a former college football player who grew up in his father's gym. Giving up an hour of your time to exercise can feel more like a burden than anything else, which is why Todd developed a series of 20-minute workouts that get you the same results in less time.

Todd has a simple philosophy - sweat and eat clean. "There are all types of ways to train. Figure out a way you like to sweat and stick to it. Find something that works with your schedule. Eat whole foods and remember being healthy is a lifestyle not a chore," remarked Todd.

Check out one of Todd's 20-minute workouts here:

If you are looking for a sweat-worthy workout, check out the gallery above or visit Todd's website for more workouts!
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