Meet the bloggers behind A Piece of Toast

A Piece of Toast
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Meet the bloggers behind A Piece of Toast

Molly mixes an adorable canine-print Anthropologie cardigan with a Phillip Lim bag. 

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The turquoise detailing on a straw bag is the perfect accent to a red and white striped dress.

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Accessorizing with blue nails and tasseled bracelets. 

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Sally models a pretty Anthropologie pencil skirt with a pair of mirrored Ray-Ban aviators. 

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The girls swear Tata Harper all-natural skincare products. 

Photo credit: A Piece of Toast

Sally Ann and Molly Bernadette, sisters born just 15 months apart and now living together in Dallas, share more than just the occasional dress or pair of shoes. Together, the duo works as a team on the latest blog to join the StyleList Contributor Network, A Piece of Toast, where their latest fashion, beauty, and home decor obsessions are chronicled. The girls share a penchant for bright colors, all things Anthropologie, and, of course, toast (Molly prefers jelly or peanut butter, while Sally tops hers with avocado).

We chatted with Sally and Molly about how A Piece of Toast came to be, their lives as bloggers, their personal style, and so much more.

StyleList: How did you get your start blogging?
A Piece of Toast: In the fall of 2010 one of our great friends (Fallon of A Lovely Being) talked us into starting a blog. Her support and assurance that our taste would translate to the blogging world is the only thing that made us think, "Ok, we think we can do this thing." In November 2010, we had our site up and running and it's been going ever since. Can't believe we will hit our three year anniversary in just a few months!

SL: What was your inspiration behind the name "A Piece of Toast"?
APOT: Well, we had a long list of names and started to discuss how cute "A Piece of Cake" sounded -- but then we realized that the name signified a phrase that meant "easy to accomplish" and also brought to mind ideas of a charmed life. We thought, "we need something more everyday than cake." And that's how A Piece of Toast came to be. Toast is an everyday food -- a basic slice of bread that gets toasted...sometimes it gets burnt, is sometimes sweet or savory. It can be shared or enjoyed alone, and generally is a nice comfort food. We like to think the name is quirky but normal and relatable -- like us!

SL: What's been the most challenging part of being bloggers?
APOT: The time management. We both work full-time jobs and the blog is our "second full-time job." Posting each day is a routine but the other stuff like email responses, social media, events, collaborations - all that takes a lot of time. We love putting in the effort (especially when it yields creative content we are proud of) but it's been a "learn as we go" process for how to handle and balance everything. And we're still working on the balance part!

SL: What's been the most rewarding part?
APOT: The friendships we have made. As strange as it sounds, some of our very best friends happen to be fellow bloggers we have met over the years.

SL: Describe your personal style.
APOT: Our personal style is "refined comfort". Molly is a little more edgy and monochromatic. and Sally is a bit more feminine and into patterns and colors. We get daily inspiration from Pinterest and reading blogs. We love shopping stores and the web and favorite haunts are: J.Crew, Madewell, Shopbop, Nordstrom, Anthropologie, Neiman Marcus, Kate Spade, and more.

SL: Who are your personal style icons? Our style icons are bloggers like Sincerely Jules and Gal Meets Glam (Julia is also a great friend), as well as celebs like Kate Moss and Olivia Palermo. We give major props to women that have confidence in rocking their own style!

SL: Who are some bloggers you really admire?
APOT: Bailey of Peppermint Bliss, Bradley of Luella & June, Julia of Gal Meets Glam, Jacey of Damsel in Dior -- all girls that we are great friends with and women who seriously hustle in their businesses, day jobs, and or blog brands.

SL:Any future plans for your A Piece of Toast?
APOT: So far we have been learning as we go and we plan to keep it that major plans in the works, just taking it one day at a time! Our hope it to keep meeting fantastic people, continue working with outstanding brands, and above all, exceed our readers' expectations while engaging and humoring them with our true personalities and style. And no, we don't plan on quitting our full-time jobs anytime soon!

Well, there you have it. To see images from A Piece of Toast, click through the gallery! Or, visit A Piece of Toast to see for yourself.
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