9 fashion mistakes to avoid on super cold winter days

9 fashion mistakes during the coldest winter
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9 fashion mistakes to avoid on super cold winter days
When suiting up for the cold, cotton is a material mistake because it absorbs moisture, whether sweat or snow, and retains it. And as for that fashionable item that's still a little damp from laundry day, skip it because damp clothing can lead to hypothermia.
Though our initial instinct is to layer socks to the max, one pair of thick socks or two thin pairs is just fine. Too many layers can restrict your feet's circulation, which can actually make your feet colder in the long run.
While catching a cold from wet hair is debatable, sporting wet hair can indeed lower your body temperature. And, although it rarely occurs, wet hair can even freeze in frigid temperatures (one StyleList editor will attest it CAN happen — twice). Condition and thoroughly dry hair before facing the cold to avoid damaged, dry hair.
At temperatures of 15 to 30 below, unprotected skin makes you vulnerable to frostbite setting in within minutes, especially with wind chill as a factor. Wear gloves made of breathable fabrics that have a bit of air space at their tips for added insulation. Protect your face from the chilly wind with a thick scarf or a facemask. 
Forgetting headwear in this chilly weather means risking the loss of 60% of your body’s heat. Whether it’s a knit hat, a winter headband or even a baseball cap – never leave your head defenseless against the elements when temperatures drop.
Wearing high heels is an easy way to get frostbite when it's really cold out. If heels are an office must-have, sport winter boots or sneakers during your commute and swap them out with heels when you reach your job.
While a short jacket might be the more stylish choice, always opt for a long jacket when the temperature goes down. The more skin you can cover the more body heat you can trap to stay warm!
Your legs need all the coverage they can get when it feels below zero outside and stockings simply don't cut it. Use stockings only as an added layer of warmth and rely on thick tights or leggings for a maximum layer of protection with jeans or pants.
When the temperatures are below 30 degrees, it’s safe to throw trendy style rules aside and focus on your comfort and health. Zip up your warmest jacket—even if it is from two seasons ago—throw on that super knit hat you got for the holidays and proudly rock those ultra cozy boots.

Fashion trends take a backseat to frostbite warnings when temperatures feel like 15 to 30 below. Dangerous wind chill and blizzards leaves exposed skin at risk to becoming too cold or wet. And in those conditions, all it takes is 30 minutes for extremities to become numb, blister and suffer from frostbite, or even worse, hypothermia.

Dressing for temperatures that can feel below zero calls for all the right tips to stay warm. But beware of layering up with the wrong wardrobe picks that could actually make you colder. Too many socks or the wrong fabric choice are major fashion (and health!) mistakes this time of year. Avoid these 9 style blunders to stay cozy even on the coldest winter days.

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