8 ways your cell phone is making you look worse

8 Ways your cell phone is making you look worse
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8 ways your cell phone is making you look worse

Ever notice how sometimes a sudden rash appears on the side of your cheek? Yep. That’s cell phone dermatitis, which naturally comes from holding our phones so close to our ears when we’re chatting away. The rash directly comes from the chemical element of nickel which is in virtually every cell phone (not to mention the possibility of sagging skin).

You know good ol’ Dr. Oz has some tips for us, and to prevent cell phone dangers, he’s advised to not carry our cells in our pockets because the close radiation increases our chance of decreased bone density in the pelvis.

Admit it. Even after you’ve closed your laptop, turned off the computer (or in a perfect world, finished the last chapter of that novel), you fall prey to the urge to check Instagram for the 11th time that day. The downside? When your eyes look at a bright screen in a dark room for too long, your brain has a harder time relaxing and getting into sleep mode, so your cell addiction turns into loss of sleep.

After using your cell for the entire day, your eyes become tired and distended. The more you squint, the more you increase the chance of crow’s feet, vertical lines by your brows and dark circles. Breaks from your phone are the best way to go, but considering some of you are cell phone-prone, also take advantage of the array of eye creams and serums on the market to treat your tired eyes.

Ever notice how your phone gets hot sometimes, like your computer? That really means you should step away for awhile so it can cool down. Continuing to use a hot cell phone is like baking the skin. It can up the melanin in fairer-skinned users, which can lead to dark spots and uneven skin tones. Try to go hands-free when you’re talking on the phone for extended periods of time.

Studies have linked the radiation from your cell phone to a greater risk of brain cancer. Especially if you’re in a low signal area (where more radiation is given off), limit your cell use to help keep yourself healthy.

Considering cell phones carry more bacteria than a toilet (gross!), be conscious of constantly wiping your cell phone down with anti-bacterial wipes, and washing your hands after using your phone. Besides spreading sickness, the bacteria on your phone can cause major acne breakouts.

Because your cell can cause you to lose out on sleep, it’s also been linked to packing on the extra pounds. You’re awake later, you get hungry, and your body can’t metabolize properly so the weight just sticks to you through the night. Put down the phone and you’ll take off the weight.


We'll be the first to admit that our iPhones are permanently attached to our hands, but lately, it's becoming more and more evident that they could be doing us more harm than good. Due to our dependence on them more than ever, research has shown that our cell usage is affecting our skin and senses. From the slight sagging of our skin to decreased vision accuracy, our trusted sidekicks have a way of making us look worse. Read on below for the effects your cell is having on your looks.

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