8 eyeshadows to make brown eyes even better

8 Eyeshadows To Make Brown Eyes Even Better
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8 eyeshadows to make brown eyes even better

“Navy’s cool tones (or any blue, really) beautifully contrast brown eyes, making them stand out — and the whites of the eyes appear brighter as well,” says makeup artist Sarah Tanno, who has painted the faces of pop stars such as Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Fergie, and Kelis. “This palette is the perfect combination of shades. Plus, the blue is very on-trend right now.” 

Dior 5-Colour Designer All-In-One Artistry Palette in Navy Design, $60

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“NARS shadows are great and easy to blend. For a little shimmer, I love California, a beautiful copper brown that picks up flecks of gold hues in the eyes,” says Tanno, who recommends pairing it with the brand’s Via De’ Martelli eyeliner. 

NARS Shimmer Eyeshadow in California, $24 available at NARS

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NARS Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner in Via De' Martelli, $24

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"This warm-toned, chestnut brown is one of my go-to colors," Tanno says. "Use it in the crease or softly smudged into the lashline, which, along with a generous application of mascara, warms up the brown in your eyes." 

MAC Eyeshadow in Brown Script, $15

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"These pencils are amazing. You can use one as eyeliner, but I like to buff it out and use it as a shadow,” Tanno says. “This gorgeous olive green is a favorite color, and the metallic finish brings out highlights in the eyes." 

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Stash, $19

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"These eyeshadow palettes are a new favorite, and the golds perfectly highlight the gold in brown eyes,” Tanno says of the thoughtfully appointed quads, which feature both sparkly and matte colors. 

Tom Ford Beauty Eye Color Quad in Cognac Sable, $78

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“This is a great eyeshadow for everyday wear because it doesn’t turn greasy midday," Guilis says. "Glide it across the lower lids, like a pen, then use a brush to blend it in." 

Neutrogena Crease Proof Eye Shadow in Constant Copper, $8.99

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“This shade is a perfect elegant gold that highlights brown eyes," Tanno says. "It's perfect for the holidays." 

Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Intense Eye Shadow in 26 Carat Gold, $33

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“I’m a fan of brown shadow on brown eyes," Guilis says. "This palette has two brown shades along with two highlight colors." She uses a brown shadow on the lower lid, topped with a highlighter shade for a smoky effect. 

Chanel Quadra Eye Shadow in Mystic Eyes, $59

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Here's the good news about brown eyes: They're easy to play up, since brown is a mix of the primary colors. This most-common of eye colors is a gorgeous hue, and the right shade of eyeshadow can make it even more alluring.

Looking to build up your eye-makeup kit? We checked in with makeup artists Nico Guilis and ,who work with some of the biggest stars in H'wood, to get some straight-from-the-pros advice. Here, they show us their favorite shades for bringing out the depth in bewitching brown eyes.

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