6 amazing mascaras to try

6 mascaras to try
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6 amazing mascaras to try
If you are looking for a more subtle look, then this mascara is for you. I tend to use this mascara when I am heading to the pool or going to the gym. This mascara does not provide me with the extra volume or extra length I usually going for, but it does give me a bit of color that is extremely natural looking. Pros: Soft bristles that provide super subtle, but extremely bold eyelash color. Cons: Does not provide extra volume or length.
his mascara recently came out & I am obsessed! The price point makes me love this mascara even more. Pros: The 360 degree flex wand grabs on to your lashes, which helps create extra length. Two applications provides even more thickness. Cons: Tends to flake off, especially on a hot sweaty day (but still one of my new favorites!)
I was sent this mascara to try a couple months ago, but just recently gave it a try. The mascara wand is very similar to Mary Kay, Lash Love & it has been one of my favorites over the last couple weeks. Pros: Extra length & natural looking volume, without the clumps or flaking . Lasts all day & is easy to take off with oil-free makeup remover. Cons: Mascara tends to be a little wet, but if you let it dry between extra coats then it provides extra length without causing your lashes to stick together.
I swear by this mascara & have been using it for the last couple years. Pros: They're Real mascara lifts, defines, curls & adds a great deal of volume. Cons: Tube seems to dry out quicker then I like & even though this is NOT a waterproof mascara, not all eye makeup removers remove the mascara that easily.
I am not usually a fan of Mary Kay mascara, but Lash Love provides extra volume & length that isn't over the top. I typically apply this mascara over top of another mascara to give it the extra length I am looking for without clumping, which provides a more natural look. Pros: Natural looking while still providing length & volume. 
I received them mascara in my birchbox one month & decided to use it when I accidentally ran out of Benefit, They're Real. Let's just say that I was really happy that I ran out because this mascara is pretty incredible. Pros: Creates maximum length & volume without causing lots of clumps, but provides a less dramatic, more natural look then Benefit, They're Real mascara. Cons: Don't leave out in the heat, or it will clump quickly. 
If I could own only one type of beauty product it would have to be mascara. I, my friends, am a mascara hoarder. I switch the mascara I use daily and typically don't leave the house without it. I have multiple tubes in my purse, in my office and in the car. It is kind of ridiculous if you think about it. Today, I wanted to share a little bit about each mascara and why I love them! Let's get down to business shall we?!

First of all, I have been using the Dior Lash Maximizer Plumping Serum for the last year & swear by it: 1) it protects my lashes & 2) it gives my lashes extra fullness without extra coats of mascara. If you have never tried it, you def should. It is worth every single penny.

Also, just a little insight on how I choose my mascara. Typically, I choose a mascara based on the shaped of the wand applicator. The formula, affects little in my choice as to why I purchase a particular mascara. My favorite mascaras tend to grab a hold of my lash with little to no extra effort on my part. I don't have a problem applying multiple mascaras to get the desired look I am going for!

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