5 smart ways to freshen your fringe

5 Smart Ways to Freshen Your Fringe
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5 smart ways to freshen your fringe

Bangs in the eyes worked well for Joey Ramone. For the rest of us, not so much — they block our line of vision. So, take a page out of Ginnifer Goodwin's book and cast them aside. Goodwin shows us that with a strategically placed part, bangs can look sleek and smooth...as you can see.

If your high-maintenance bangs are due for (another!) trim, mix things up by shortening them above your brows, which will also reduce the heaviness. Zoe Kravitz makes the most of her look by pulling back the rest of her locks, which keeps the focus on her feather-cut finish.

Anne Hathaway certainly knows how to make the most out of a new 'do. After her infamous haircut for Les Miserables, she lets her pixie grow out with small tweaks every couple of weeks. This time around, she gave her bangs a razor-edged finish, accented with longer side pieces.

Jennifer Hudson opts to keep her blunt bangs uneven — with the length noticeably longer between her brows — and raising them as they approach her eyes. It's a teeny detail with dramatic results, giving the illusion of more length.

The quickest way to update your bangs? Side-sweep them. This classic style is universally flattering, and instantly remixes your look without too much effort — Karlie Kloss knows it, obviously. And, fortunately, you don't need to be a supermodel to pull this one off.

There's no denying it: bangs totally stole the hair spotlight this year. Everyone from Taylor Swift to Nicole Richie to Rachel Zoe succumbed to brow-grazing fringe. And, what's not to love? Bangs are the perfect way to refresh a look without committing to a full-blown haircut, and they never go out of style.

But...what happens when you inevitably get tired of those bangs? Short of chopping off your front locks off or waiting the eternity for them to grow back, there are a number of ways you can remix those fringes. Which one will you go for?

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