6 Essential Tips For Surviving A Fashion Week Blizzard

6 Essential Tips For Surviving A Fashion Week Blizzard
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6 Essential Tips For Surviving A Fashion Week Blizzard

Wear a statement hat.

You might think that wide-brimmed stunner is just for the beach, but why not try it in the winter months? This is a guaranteed way to keep the focus on you instead of on the 20 layers you're wearing under your chic but not-so-warm coat. If you feel like going the extra mile, and you're not afraid of a retro vibe, take a pretty silk scarf and wrap it over your head, under the hat, knotted at the chin. 

Maison Michel Long Floppy Brim Hat, $600, available at Opening Ceremony. (Courtesy: Refinery 29)

Don't Tread Lightly

Treads might have originated with not-always-stylish hiking boots, but these days, they can be found everywhere. There are plenty of lovable flat ankle boots with a grungy, rubber sole that packs serious traction. And for those of you unwilling to give up your heels, this Tommy Hilfiger pair is warm, durable, and an easy switch into any of your pre-planned outfits! 

Tommy Hilfiger Tabitha bootie, $99.99, available at Piperlime. (Courtesy: Refinery 29)

Add High-Tech Layers

Lucky for you, the oversized look is still in style. Layer a long-sleeved thermal under your favorite button down, add statement jewelry and tailored trousers, and they'll be none the wiser! Extra points if you've got the guts to show off your warmer layer under rolled-up sleeves — we think the casual '90s factor could look great with some wide-legs or printed pants. 

Photo Credit: Tracy Wang (Courtesy: Refinery 29)

Get To Know The New Long Underwear

What with the whole skinny jeans situation, most of us just don't have enough, shall we say, leg room for thick Laura-Ingalls-esque long underwear. But, a good pair of tights can be just as warm, with a fraction of the bulk! We recommend this footless, raw-top option for maximum comfort under any pair of pants. 

Commando 70 Denier Footless Tights, $34, available at Neiman Marcus. (Courtesy: Refinery 29) 

Just Call A Car Already

Car services (and taxis, these days) can be expensive. But if there's ever a moment when you deserve to splurge, it's when you're working on a Saturday, making your way between shows, running on minimal sleep, and navigating the worst possible weather. If this blizzard is really all it's cracked up to be, cabs will be impossible to hail, but a car service (called from the safety of a coffee shop) might be more obliging. 

Photo Credit: YoungJun Koo (Courtesy: Refinery 29)

Don't Let Hat Hair Scare You

Our expert beauty editor says your best bet in bad weather is to wear your hair up, in a style with lots of texture. Your locks are going to get wet no matter what, so pick a look that won't get ruined by a little mess (no sleek straight 'dos, please). And there's nothing wrong with hat hair — not if you do it right! We've got three inspired styles to pair with your winter topper right here

Photo Credit: Amelia Alpaugh (Courtesy: Refinery 29)


We know what you're thinking. There's a potentially record-breaking blizzard going on, and we're worried about your outfit? We should be inside, watching Netflix, hoarding a year's supply of cupcakes and canned beans! Well, believe us, we'd love to be. But for some of us in the fashion biz, that's just not an option. It's one of the most important weeks of the year, career-wise, and even if there's hell to pay, we're gonna stomp through the snow until they close down Milk Studios.

If you're in the same boat, we're here to make sure you don't step outside unarmed. Stay warm, be sensible, and all jokes aside, don't put a front-row seat before your safety. But if you are going out, and it is safe to do so, there are a few things you should know. So, we've rounded up our best bets to keep your style engine running while the inches pile up - no Uggs included, promise!

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