4 Cities, 4 Looks, 4 Climates: Chicago

4 Cities, 4 Looks, 4 Climates: Chicago
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4 Cities, 4 Looks, 4 Climates: Chicago

Print mixing with pops of color makes this look stand out amongst the crowd. 

Leopard print sneaks with bright purple laces.

A thin leather belt gives this nude dress the definition it needs, as well as compliment to the black tights and shoes.

Pairing tights with denim shorts is a great way to extend the life of your favorite summer items. 

A printed-tassled scarf is a great accessory to any outfit.

We love pairing mint green with delicate gold accessories - and ombre hair!

A red watch and animal print bottoms are unexpected but welcome compliments to her mint green sweater.

A red watch and animal print bottoms are unexpected but welcome compliments to her mint green sweater.

Half rimmed black cat eye glasses are elegant and edgy.

Belting loose fitted shorts with a crisp blouse and heeled booties is an easy way to dress up a low key item.

We love the combination of primary colors mixed with various textures and detailing. 

Let your hair color do the talking! Head to toe black is a great way to let your natural beauty shine. 

A gold circle necklace is feminine and on trend. 

A cozy emerald green sweater adds a splash of color - and warmth - to this structured look. 

Suede and knit are great fall pairings.

We're suckers for white... every season! Change up the material to make it work for any time of year. 

We love the unexpected and hidden gold chain under her madras button down. 

Forget the arm party! Loading up on rings is another great way to show off jewelry. 

Pair bright pants with ankle booties for an updated take on a classic look.


StyleList is pleased to introduce our new series entitled, "4 Cities, 4 Looks, 4 Climates," where we take a look at how women across the country dress for every season. We've tracked down women from New York, LA, Charlotte and Chicago and captured their style on the street. Every week, we will highlight another city and showcase the fashionable women who live, work and play.

Our first installment of the 4 Cities, 4 Looks, 4 Climates focuses on Chicago, Illinois. Let's face it.. Chicago gets cold and breezy! We noticed most women were already layering up with scarves, sweaters, and tights to keep warm and comfortable. Unique accessories could be spotted everywhere we went with pops of color to brighten up any outfit.

Chicago, known for their pizza's and chilly climates, didn't disappoint. Which outfit do you like the most?

Photo Credit: StudioNow

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