25 hottest soccer players in the 2014 World Cup

25 hottest world cup players
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25 hottest soccer players in the 2014 World Cup

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There is a 100% chance that Cristiano Ronaldo will rip his shirt off multiple times throughout the World Cup, and we definitely won't mind. On top of being the most prolific soccer star in the world, Ronaldo owns two boutiques in Portugal.

If his beautiful blue eyes aren't enough, just remember that he has an Australian accent. 
When he's not dominating on the soccer field, Sergio Ramos spends his time modeling for Hugo Boss. He will play as a defender for Spain.
Girard, a Spanish player, has game on and off the field. He is the boyfriend to Colombian pop-star Shakira and was also the face of Mango's menswear line.
Spanish defender Xabi Alonso has gained fame in the modeling world from his chiseled jawline and six pack. He has posed for Hugo Boss and Spanish designer, Emidio Tucci. 
Javi Martinez won us over with his big brown eyes -- and his six pack...and his smile. Seriously, whenever you find yourself bored with nothing to do, look at pictures of Javi Martinez. You will not be disappointed.
Spain must be the breeding ground for hot soccer players. Cesc Fabregas is the sixth player from Spain to make our list. 
With his olive skin and long locks, this Mediterranean looker is the definition of an Italian stallion.
We kind of hope that Australia wins so James Trousi will repeatedly take his shirt off every time he scores. 
Thank you Italy for bestowing yet another soccer god upon us for our viewing pleasure.
Olivier Giroud looks perfect 100% of the time. In his spare time, Giroud enjoys being photographed shirtless for numerous magazine covers. 

If being an extremely talented (and ridiculously good-looking) soccer player isn't enough, Fabian is also a successful banker.

As one of the world's top mid-fielders, you would never guess that Granit Xhaka is only twenty-one years old.
Never mind that we can't pronounce his name, we were speechless to begin with. 
Carlos Boconegra, captain of USA! He also casually models on the side. 
We are not sure if Graham Zusi is single but once he is back on US soil we are determined to find out. 
Though he may look sweet and sensitive, this all-star defender does not hold back on the field. Bonus points for looking great in a suit. 
We can add Gary Cahill to the list of English players that we hope to woo and make our boyfriend. And, not to mention, to the list of soccer players who model on the side. 
Joe Hart is so traditionally attractive that we will forgive him for posing shirtless for a Head and Shoulders ad. Aside from that, he is known as a goalkeeper for England.
Ben Foster is the second English goalie to make our list. We like to think of Foster as Joe Hart's bad-boy counterpart. 
This is a photo of Park Chu-Young running into our arms, in case you were wondering. 
We love you too, Abel. 
Ezequiel Lavezzi is a dark and mysterious Argentinian player. Side note: he is covered in sexy tattoos. 
Ecuador is definitely on our radar this season. I mean, look at those arms. 
Cheer up James, the entire female population wants to marry you.

In case you haven't heard, the 2014 World Cup starts this Thursday, and FYI, soccer players are among the hottest athletes to grace this earth. Not to mention, many of them are incredibly stylish (and casually model on the side)! While we may not watch the World Cup for the sport itself, we will definitely tune in to check out the players on each team. Who doesn't enjoy watching buff shirtless men play the field?

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To pay homage to these men who have spent their entire lives conditioning their bodies to perfection, we compiled a list of the most attractive players in the 2014 World Cup. It was no easy task since the majority of the 736 players are particularly gifted in the looks department. However, twenty-five of these men prevailed. Behold, we give you the 25 gods of the soccer kingdom.

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