22 Overachieving Beauty Products

22 Overachieving Beauty Products
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22 Overachieving Beauty Products

Amika Blow Up Hair Spray

Getting more than a day from an at-home blowout is akin to hunting a unicorn. But this lightweight spray adds professional-grade polish that survives more than one slumber. Notice a bit of second-day limp? Spritz on dry hair for a stick-free refresh.

Available at shop.loveamika.com, $24.

Photo Credit: Amika (Courtesy of Daily Candy)

Miracle Skin Transformer SPF 20 Face Cream

After one too many broken beauty promises, it’s easy to be cynical. Just when we thought there wasn’t a product that could lift our spirits, this five-in-one complexion enhancer made us true believers. With light-as-a-feather matte coverage, it hydrates, primes, and protects from the sun.

Available at miracleskintransformer.com, $48.

Photo Credit: Miracle Skin Transformer (Courtesy of Daily Candy)

Cane + Austin Acne Treatment Pads

If pimples stalked you into adulthood, swipe these across your face and neck to get rid of bothersome blemishes without sucking out moisture. The soaked circles also exfoliate and reduce lines, making them the latest addition to our overnight and gym bags.

Available at caneandaustin.com, $60-$110.

Photo Credit: Cane + Austin (Courtesy of Daily Candy)

Stila Smudge Crayon Waterproof Eye Color

This retractable crayon goes on easy and stays put in chlorine and saltwater. We prefer it as a liner over an eye shadow, unless you’re going for it. In which case: Go for it. 

Available at stilacosmetics.com, $22.

Photo Credit: Stila (Courtesy of Daily Candy)

By Terry Soleil Terrybly Tinted Serum

This bright idea from By Terry gives your face a sun-kissed glow without the damage. As an alternative to other self-tanners, the serum stimulates melanin to activate and extend your tan, hydrates, and protects from the wear caused by stress and UV rays.

Available at us.spacenk.com, $90.

Photo Credit: Space NK (Courtesy of Daily Candy)

Hourglass Cosmetics No. 28 Primer Serum

Pop quiz time: What’s the most effective way to use Hourglass’s essential oil- and vitamin-rich serum? 

a) As the first step in a day- or nighttime skin care routine.
b) As a water-resistant primer for a smooth, makeup-ready face.
c) To seal dry hair and split ends.

Answer: D, all of the above.

Available at hourglasscosmetics.com, $22-$65.

Photo Credit: Hourglass (Courtesy of Daily Candy)

St. Tropez 4-in-1 Tan, Tone, Firm & Moisturize Cream

It tans, smooths, moisturizes, and firms (beat that, Swiss Army knife). Yes, it has fancy-pants ingredients like allo-melanin to achieve the aforementioned goals, but the best part is its sweet scent: Get a fake tan and never smell the way a dirty orange looks again.

Available at sephora.com, $40.

Photo Credit: St. Tropez (Courtesy of Daily Candy)

Lancôme Renergie Eye Multiple Action Cream

Late nights do a number to your face. Depuff, smooth, and tighten with moisturizer that also removes leftover mascara smudges. Then because some dark circles need extra attention, there’s concealer right in the lid. It’s not all covering, but at least people won’t ask if everything’s all right when you roll into work. 

Available at lancome-usa.com, $78.

Photo Credit: Lancôme (Courtesy of Daily Candy)

Caudalie Divine Oil

Web editor Jennifer is convinced holy intervention led her to Caudalie’s anointed oil (a combination of grape, hibiscus, sesame, and argan). With every spritz, it gives her body, face, and hair an otherworldly sheen.

Available at caudalie-usa.com, $48.

Photo Credit: Caudalie (Courtesy of Daily Candy)

Kiehl’s Dermatologist Solutions Activated Sun Protector

The nongreasy sunscreen takes mere seconds to apply and won’t leave you looking like a failed Wite-Out experiment. Better still, it depuffs with caffeine and reduces fine lines with vitamin C.

Available at kiehls.com, $23.

Photo Credit: Kiehl's (Courtesy of Daily Candy)

Clinique Stay-Matte Oil-Free Makeup

Antishine, sweat-resistant foundation sounds nice in theory. But the true test is whether it stands up to the oppressive heat of the NYC subway platform in August. We’re happy to report smooth, blemish-free skin with barely a sweat mustache in sight.

Available at clinique.com, $23.

Photo Credit: Clinique (Courtesy of Daily Candy)

Philip B. Nordic Wood Hair & Body Shampoo

Spruce things up in the shower. With extracts of fir, pine, and cedar, you’ll be transported to the woodlands of Scandinavia. 

Available at philipb.com, $8-$90.

Photo Credit: Philip B (Courtesy of Daily Candy)

Kate Somerville True Lash Lash-Enhancing Eye Makeup Remover

As someone who absentmindedly tugs out her own lashes, Everywhere editor Tiffany needs a boost. She noticed thicker growth in about ten days. Want more? Pop it in the fridge and use it as depuffing under-eye night cream.

Available at katesomerville.com, $35.

Photo Credit: Kate Somerville (Courtesy of Daily Candy)

Laura Mercier Hydratint SPF 15 Lip Balm

This lip balm has the consistency of a sheer lipstick; protects your pucker from sun damage; and hydrates with grape-seed oil, shea butter, and green tea extract. It even claims a hint of orange and mint breath-freshening flavor.

Available at lauramercier.com, $20.

Photo Credit: Laura Mercier (Courtesy of Daily Candy)

Eve Lom Cleanser

The cult-favorite cleaning balm turns ritual cleansing into a spalike experience. Massage the formula onto dry skin to decongest lymph nodes, steam open pores and exfoliate skin with the muslin cloth, and inhale the aromatic plant oils for relaxation. 

Available at us.spacenk.com, $50-$135.

Photo Credit: Space NK (Courtesy of Daily Candy)

Dr. Brandt Flexitone BB Cream

Does airport security really expect us to fit all our travel essentials into a Ziploc bag? Never mind. With Dr. Brandt’s protective cream, we of the medium skin tone have our foundation (the color adapts, except to the very fair or dark), sunscreen (SPF 30), and antiaging products in one little tube.

Available at drbrandtskincare.com, $39.

Photo Credit: Dr. Brandt Skincare (Courtesy of Daily Candy)

Mama Mio OMega Wonder-Full Rescue Balm

Even though it’s made for moms, a certain childless, eczema-suffering editor dabs the thick-as-tar moisturizer on scaly patches, cracked heels, and sunburned shoulders all summer long.

Available at mamamio.com, $26.

Photo Credit: Mama Mio (Courtesy of Daily Candy)

Sentara Eye and Lip Contour

The pocket-size cream packs a major punch for eyes and lips, knocking out fine lines and dark circles, hydrating and plumping skin, and boosting collagen production.

Available at woodleyandbunny.com, $45.

Photo Credit: Woodleyandbunny.com (Courtesy of Daily Candy)

Nexxus Pro-Mend Split End-Binding Bodifying Mousse

Long hair is fun — until it goes limp and gets scraggly ends that look like birds’ feet. No need to trim/condition/wear a hair mask for eight days. We just use one palm full of the fragrant mousse and — boom! — a thick head of hair that is healthy root to tip.

Available at ulta.com, $12.

Photo Credit: Nexxus Salon Hair Care (Courtesy of Daily Candy)

Shiseido Radiant Lifting Foundation

Although its full-coverage factor might dissuade foundation phobics, Shiseido’s sunscreen-enhanced makeup (with SPF 17) goes on like a night cream, complete with wrinkle-fighting hydroxyproline, light-reflective powders, and moisturizing rose apple leaf extract.

Available at shiseido.com, $45.

Photo Credit: Shiseido (Courtesy of Daily Candy)

SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum

We’ll be bris: This one’s got a steep price and human origins. The serum contains something called human fibroblast conditioned media. We googled that and came up with, um, newborn foreskin. It is as smooth as a baby’s, er, privates, and it works. Assistant editor Emily’s skin was clearer, tighter, and more even in days.

Available at skinmedica.com, $260.

Photo Credit: SkinMedica (Courtesy of Daily Candy)

ReVive Cleanser Exfoliante

Gentle enough to use every day, this combination cleanser and exfoliant won’t leave skin raw or red. Bonus points for its clean, inoffensive scent and nongreasy feel. 

Available at reviveskincare.com, $65.

Photo Credit: Michele Taylor for DailyCandy (Courtesy of Daily Candy)


These beauty products make other face creams, hair sprays, and eye liners look lazy.

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