2013 wrap-up: Outrageous runway looks

Wrap-Up 2013: Outrageous Runway Looks
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2013 wrap-up: Outrageous runway looks
This poor model gives new meaning to the term sad panda during London Fashion Week. 

Orange hair paired with black and white lips were all the rage at the Betsey Johnson show during Spring Fashion Week. 

Can she even see through this multi-colored visor? A model walks the runway at Alon Livne at Spring Fashion Week. 
Did he steal his mother's nightgown? A male model wearing Sandro Romans walks the runway at Harlem's Fashion Row. 
Model Lindsey Wixson is a neon Big Foot at the Jeremy Scott Ready to Wear Fall/Winter fashion show.
Marge Simpson took to the catwalk at the Adrian Alicea fall 2013 fashion show. 
The bride of Frankenstein struts her stuff at Thom Browne. 
At least the blindfold shields her eyes from this hideous ensemble. 

Sequined Coca-Cola shirt, green raccoon hair and a helmet - what more could you want? 

Sorry dear, but I think there's some sort of sea creature on your head. 
There were plants growing on the models at Little Shilpa in Lodon. 
This poor model has a toilet paper jellyfish on her head at London Fashion Week. 
Snakeskin, metallics and a mini-garden on her head. 
No sudden noises please, or you make wake the sleeping bird that's doubling as this model's hat. 
Central Saint Martins MA students created this look for London Fashion Week. Perhaps, they need to study up a bit more. 
Not the most flattering look from Central Saint Martins during London Fashion Week. 

Fashion Month is our favorite time of the year (like the holidays for those in fashion!), but there were more than a few looks this year that left us scratching our heads. From New York to Paris, London and Milan, check out the craziest looks that came down the runway.

Click through the gallery above to see the wild and wacky.
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