20 hair mistakes we all make in our 20s

20 Hair Mistakes We All Make in Our 20s
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20 hair mistakes we all make in our 20s
You dye your hair the complete opposite of what it is naturally, resulting in either a bleach blonde disaster or a gothic black hair color.
You go for the pixie cut, and quickly regret the years of regrowth ahead of you.
You use your boyfriend’s “shampoo,” AKA, Irish Spring bar soap. Desperate times, man.
You skimp on buying shampoo that will actually help your hair. The 99 cents stuff is much better anyway, right? Not right.
You flat iron your hair every day. And then you wonder why you have more splits than the Kardashians.
You only buy flash sale deals for haircuts, forgetting that your relationship with your hairdresser is just as important (if not more important than) your relationship with whoever you marry.
You use the blow dryer that you’ve had since the time your mom gave it to you, not realizing that those things have an expiration date.
You DIY purple hair at home and immediately destroy your bathroom floor. May we suggest laying out an old towel, first?
You use strong hold hairspray, and it’s the same can from when you were in dance recitals in middle school, because hairspray lasts forever! (No, it doesn’t.)
You get roped into buying whatever the late night hair infomercial is selling. It’s a steal for three easy payments of $29.95 (plus a second, free hair thing when you call in the first 10 minutes!).
You skip heat protection. Blow drying before flat ironing and curling hair can’t be that bad, right?
You get a hair makeover within a month of a huge breakup. Trust us on this one, just go buy yourself a wig if you want new hair that badly. It’s probably cheaper and it’s regret-proof.
You have an entire Pinterest board called “Hairstyles I’m Obsessed With!” but you never try any of them. Same goes for recipes and workouts.
You don’t check the weather before you leave your apartment, resulting in a damp, frizzy mess where your once perfectly styled hair used to be.
You don’t actually bring pictures to the hair salon, because when you say “I want Rihanna’s hair color!” everyone should immediately know what color her hair is currently.
You wash your hair every day. When we say dry shampoo changes lives, we’re not kidding. Invest.
You curl your hair without combing your fingers through it afterwards, resulting in a look that’s more Shirley Temple than Adriana Lima.
You dive ends first into the ombre hair trend forgetting that straight bleach is the hair equivalent of rat poison.
You shave half your head. Please, please stop doing this. Right now.
You get blunt bangs. Okay, fine, some girls (read: Zooey Deschanel and that’s basically it) look great with bangs, but for the most part, blunt bangs never work in real life.
We're all for experimenting with colors and styles, learning the latest braid that's all over Pinterest and figuring out which haircut works best for your face shape, but when it comes to hair, there are a lot of mistakes that can be made.

If you're in your twenties, you've likely made one or two, or the entire list of 20. Take a look at the harsh (and hilarious) truth.

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