From 1998-2013: Justin Timberlake's 10 Best Hairstyles

From 1998-2013: Justin Timberlake's 10 Best Hairstyles
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From 1998-2013: Justin Timberlake's 10 Best Hairstyles

September 1998

We first met Justin Timberlake on set at the "Mickey Mouse Club," his rise to fame began when he joined the boy band N'Sync in 1995. One of Justin's most memorable hairstyles is this look with his "on-trend" blond, frosted tips. We all have a bad hair day Justin, this one just lasted a little longer!

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August 1999

Up close and personal, Justin Timberlake was not afraid of a little hair dye or bleach blond hair dye for that matter. We start to see Justin move away from the frosted tips and move towards a shorter cut and all-over color.

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July 2000

A new millennium and a new do for Justin Timberlake. While it looks like Justin is embracing his natural color, he is also embracing his natural waves and saying "bye, bye, bye" to the hair dye.

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May 2000

We are all about experimenting with a new hairstyle but Justin Timberlake's cornrow phase is one we'd like to forget. Fortunately, this hairstyle was short lived.

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August 2001

A clean buzz cut, we love Justin's simple and easy-going hairstyle.

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January 2002

Back to embracing the curls, Justin moves towards a longer cut and is that more blond highlights we see??

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February 2004 

Now this is the Justin we know and love! After Timberlake left his fellow boy bandmates and started a solo career he went with a natural, short cut.

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September 2006

Short on the sides and longer on the top ... we are loving this look on Justin. This hairstyle is a welcome departure from his longer, curly hairstyle.

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September 2009

Justin arrives at the Primetime Emmy Awards with a very familiar hairstyle, clean, short and cool!

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January 2013

They say wine gets better with time and the same can be said with Justin Timberlake. We are loving Justin's longer hairstyle swept to the side.

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When Justin Timberlake joined the "Mickey Mouse Club" in 1993, no one could have expected a little kid from Memphis, Tennessee would grow up to be a mega-star, fashion-forward, singer and actor. On January 31st, Justin Timberlake turns 32 and in honor of the singer's 32nd birthday we take a look back at some of his most memorable hairstyles.

Who can forget the bleach blond frosted tips or the early 2000 cornrow phase (thank goodness it was a phase). Now, Justin is all over the place after recently releasing his first single in nearly four years. The track, "Suit and Tie" is perfect for Justin's new look, sleek and professional. We are loving his new longer, swept to the side hairstyle. Keep it coming Justin!

Click​ through the gallery above to see our favorite and memorable hairstyles from JT.

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