17 Easy Beauty Tricks for Waterproof Hair, Nails, and Makeup

17 Easy Summer Beauty Tricks for Waterproof Hair, Nails, and Makeup
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17 Easy Beauty Tricks for Waterproof Hair, Nails, and Makeup

Summer Hair Trick: Summerize your topknot.

The topknot is possibly the best summer hairstyle: Your hair's up and off your neck, and the high bun has a cheekbone-lifting effect. But with such a slicked hairstyle, the frizzy fine hairs around your forehead can start to show, especially in situations involving humidity or sweat. To shore up your topknot for summer fun, mist strong-hold hairspray directly onto the topknot and then set using your hair-dryer for a minute or two. The result will be beach-ready and perspiration-proof.

Summer Beauty Trick: Apply your antiperspirant at bedtime.

It seems counterintuitive, but swiping on antiperspirant before you hit the sheets at night is actually more effective than applying in the morning, since the aluminum-based compounds that block sweat glands have more time to absorb before you start perspiring. Better yet, no white streaks when you pull on your little black sundress! But go ahead and apply another coat in the morning if you shower or just want to feel extra fresh.

Summer Hair Trick: Finally try dry shampoo. (Or try it again!)

Still haven't experienced what all the dry-shampoo hype is about? Now's the moment to get around to it. Brands have perfected new colorless, residue-free, and ultra-fine mists that will instantly perk up hair that's been weighed down by sweat. Bonus: You'll smell like you just showered. One formula to try: Paul Mitchell Dry Wash Express Dry Waterless Shampoo.

Summer Makeup Trick: Switch to Super-Powered Powder

Does your regular pressed powder seem defenseless in the face of hot-weather shine? It's time to get out the big guns and upgrade to a primer or powder that stands up to summer's stickiest situations. A dermatologist favorite is: Normaderm Total Mat, which acts like blotting papers in a bottle, sponging up sweat for a long-lasting matte finish (and it has salicylic acid to prevent blemishes too). Meanwhile, red-carpet makeup artists swear by MAC Blot Powder to keep celebs looking cool and perspiration-free under pressure and hot lights.

Summer Beauty Trick: Update your sunscreen strategy. 

When it's a jillion degrees Fahrenheit, slathering on yet another layer of sunscreen can make you feel even stickier than you already do. Instead, touch up with powder sun protection, which feels light as a feather and even helps sop up perspiration and oil. Celebrities like Ashley Benson swear by the Colorescience Sunforgettable Mineral Powder SPF 50 Brush. It's also a great beach essential because it makes post-swim reapplication painless.

Summer Beauty Trick: Discover waterproof body concealer. 

You show maximum skin in the summer, yet the idea of concealing your less-than-cute areas (spider veins, scars—you know, that fun stuff) seems a little cray. Wouldn't one dip in the pool just wash bronzer or concealer away? Not the notoriously invincible Dermablend, which has a new Leg & Body Cover designed for this purpose. It's made for large body areas and even contains sunscreen to save you a step.

Summer Makeup Trick: Play with water-friendly eyeshadow.

To make your eyes pop even under water, skip the usual blended eyeshadows and crease contouring, and instead have some colorful fun with a waterproof eyeshadow crayon, like Hard Candy's new Shadowholic, which comes in nine shades and is designed to last up to 12 hours, in conditions dry or splashy.

Summer Hair Trick: Dig out your headbands.

You definitely already own the right accessory for this look—don't you have a whole drawer full of these things that you never wear?—and any old snug headband is an excellent tool for concealing sweaty roots (or redoing your hair after a swim). Pull your hair into a ponytail and slip on a thin black band like Ashley Tisdale did here. It'll also keep hair from frizzing and clinging to your sticky forehead, all while making you look hot in a good way.

Summer Beauty Trick: Target your hot spots. 

Forget damp 'pits—sweat can seep through in much more unfortunate areas. Thankfully, there are now products that address sweat in every specific zone, including Bust Dust, a super-effective antiperspirant powder that ensures your cleavage won't be pouring sweat when you're working the dance floor or chilling on your chaise. And, yes, the company does make an, um, ladyparts version as well (cutely called Fairy Dust).

Summer Beauty Tip: Create a distraction with hot nails.

Here's your excuse to treat yourself to a mani-pedi ASAP: People are less likely to notice those sweat droplets on your brow when they're blinded by the awesomeness of your bright nail polish. It's scientifically proven. OK, fine, it's not, but we still say go pick the boldest possible color on the shelf. Use this photo of Victoria's Secret model Candice Swanepoel as your inspiration!

Summer Hair Trick: Do the twist.

Twists are quicker to throw in than braids and are an instant pretty-me-up move when your strands are looking soggy and lifeless. Even better, try putting in some twists when your hair's half-dry after a salt-water swim session; your hair will have the right gritty texture to help hold them in place and make them look sexy. (Don't forget to throw bobby pins in your beach bag.)

Summer Beauty Trick: Pack a face perk-me-up.

Stash some cooling face wipes in your bag so you can do some freshening up when you duck into the ladies' room during dinner.FAB First Aid Beauty's new Gentle Cleansing Wipes contain chamomile and aloe for an instant skin-soothing, chill-out effect.

Summer Makeup Trick: Seal brown against white.

Full, defined brows are in style this season, but nobody wants brow pencil or powder migrating all over the place after a swim. No need to go bare until September—smudgeproof your brows before a sweat or swim session by sealing them using a clear wax pencil, like Sumita Brow Set.

Summer Hair Trick: Consider the "Karlie"

If your long hair is leaving you hot and bothered again this summer, perhaps it's time to finally change up your cut? Model Karlie Kloss has the bob everyone wants, one that sure would feel breezy right about now. Just sayin'.

Summer Beauty Tricks: Color your heels.

One of the worst side effects of summer sweat? When your cute new shoes start to squeak. And let's not even discuss the unpleasant smells that ensue when you slip them off. Your savior in this situation is a simple stick-in shoe insert like Summer Soles, which are also thankfully non-grandma-looking (they come in these three bright suede patterns for this season). The removable inserts absorb moisture and prevent bacterial growth, and they won't be visible even in your skimpiest summer sandals.

Summer Hair Trick: Have a beach braiding party.

Sitting on the sand with your friends and braiding each other's hair one of the most iconic beach activities (we recently caught Julianne Hough and Nina Dobrev doing it!), but it's also one of the cutest ways to deal with sweat-related hair meltdowns. When you're wearing a braid, you somehow never look disheveled, just charmingly bohemian.

Summer Beauty Trick: Let your skin shine on.

You can fight the good fight against the season's shiny skin, oryou could just relax and learn to enjoy the gleam. Hey, it's summer after all—everybody's a little misty. Reimagine glossy skin as natural radiance, and then go enjoy the sunshine!

Beachy waves? Check. Fresh pedicure? Done. You're ready for summer fun and when along comes sweat to dampen your mood (not to mention make your face shiny and your hair flat). Then, of course, there's the annual challenge of figuring out how to look pretty poolside- if you dare bother with foundation, you know you're going to get splashed. Good thing we've got new, low-effort tricks for waterproofing your beauty routine.

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