15 Tips for Keeping Your Makeup in Place During Hot Summer Months

Summer Makeup Tips
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15 Tips for Keeping Your Makeup in Place During Hot Summer Months

Makeup melts not just because of heat and sweat, but because of oil. Your skin produces more oil in the summer months, so be sure to grab an oil-preventing cleanser and blot before you apply. 

Try using a clay mask once a week to reduce your skin’s oil production.

Apply foundation only where you need it – and if you can, skip it altogether! Especially in the summer, do not over-apply.

Light, sheer coverage is best – choose a tinted moisturizer and use concealer where you need it.

If you can’t skip foundation, use a primer first, and then apply the foundation with your fingertips.  This will warm it up and when you hit the summer sun, it won’t be such a shock.

Set with translucent powder.

Use an eyeshadow primer - it helps keep your color vibrant and keep it from sliding or creasing.

Cream and pressed powder eyeshadows are best because they’re less likely to move.  Silicone-based are also good choices.

Heat up lash curler to really curl them – but do it carefully! Crimp twice: the middle and edges.

Dust a translucent powder over your lashes (with eyes closed), then apply mascara.  It’ll cling to the powder and last longer, your lashes looking fuller at the same time.

Water-resistant is better than waterproof, as it’s less harsh.  Test a mascara in the shower to see how it holds up to the hot water. If it passes, you’re good to go in the summer heat!

Use a lip stain rather than a lip gloss or lipstick, it has better staying power and looks most natural.

If you want to use lipstick, try applying foundation to your lips first. It will create a base and help it stay.

Keep a makeup sponge in your bag: so that you can smooth away any creases that develop.  Then set the makeup with a light dusting of powder.

Also keep blotting papers with you for any oil that develops – be sure to blot, not rub! 


We know, it's so annoying when your makeup starts melting during the Summer months. The heat means you're going to sweat, but it also means your skin will likely produce more oil.

There's some simple steps you can take before, during and after you apply your makeup to keep it all perfectly in place. From prepping your skin differently during the Summer to fight excess oil, being crafty with how you're applying, to keeping blotting papers on hand, your go-to guide for perfect makeup is right here.

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