15 Biggest Beauty Myths About Your Makeup

15 Biggest Myths About Your Makeup
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15 Biggest Beauty Myths About Your Makeup
Not true, if you have a more neutral shade of blush, feel free to use it as a subtle contour, like you would a bronzer. But only use it on your cheeks!
Not true, poor hygiene does.  Mistakes like falling asleep with your makeup on, not cleaning your brushes often enough, and not knowing when to throw out older products will all cause your skin to break out.
We see this myth being thrown around just about everywhere, but in fact, you want to keep your concealer consistent with your foundation.  Both should match your natural skin tone as much as possible. Lighter concealers will just draw more attention to things you're covering up -- which is not the goal! 
This is only the case if you're only applying it to your lower lid.  When applied correctly -- to top and bottom -- and paired with a good shadow and volumizing mascara, dark liner actually makes your eyes look more open and awake.
We agree that choosing contrasting colors really does make your eyes pop, but don't let that hold you back.  Wear whatever shades you'd like!
Nope, it just makes you look like you chose the wrong foundation.  If you want to add a glow to your skin, grab your trusty friend: bronzer.  
On the contrary, your skin won't know you're mixing brands, and neither will everyone around you! Find out what works best for you, your skin, and your budget, and get whichever products you'd like.
Actually, you ought to match your foundation to your neck.  It's the best indicator of your natural coloring, and allows for the best blending when you apply.  
This will only happen if you aren't careful, or if the product flakes under your eyes.  Be sure to clean the skin after applying for any leftover residue, but if you're putting mascara on your top lashes, give you lower ones some love too!
This is only true if your skin has yellow undertones.  If you have pink undertones, this won't match at all! Again, keep your concealer as close to your foundation (and as such, the skin on your neck) as possible. 
Don't restrict yourselves in this way. Just find the colors and hues that YOU like, and the ones that work best with your skintone.  Your hair shouldn't dictate those choices!

In actuality, mascara ought to be thrown away after three months.  You might think that's too fast, but experts are really just thinking about the health of your eyes.  Keep them clean and in tip-top shape by getting rid of products when it's time.

Also, don't pump the wand in your mascara to get more product! This just causes the formula to break down faster, and introduces air into the tube, breeding bacteria.  Instead, gently twist the brush before you pull it out.

Not true! In fact, dark liner on your top lid can make smaller eyes look larger.

Lots of women use powder, and lots love it! If you are one of them, just remember to try to stick to the even planes of your face (like your cheeks and chin) and avoid areas with fine lines.
Absolutely not. There are so many variations of red out there that you are guaranteed to find your perfect shade, you just need to be on the lookout.  And when you find it, rock it, girl.

Sometimes it feels like there's someone telling you, left and right, that you can't do this, but you can do that. And they're basing it all on your eye color, hair color, or some "expert" advice they claim to have.

Well, in reality, there are a ton of makeup "tips" out there that ought to be exposed as what they really are: myths!

Just because you're blonde doesn't mean you aren't allowed to wear blue eyeshadow or liner. And having brown eyes does not dictate that you swear all brown shades of eyeshadow out of your makeup bag!

Click through the gallery above to see more of the biggest beauty myths about your makeup - we promise, it'll be a life-changer.
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