15 of the best Christmas hairstyles to inspire you this season

While finding the perfect outfit to wear during the holidays is incredibly important, finding the ideal Christmas hairstyle is just as crucial. Many times we look to magazines, friends and YouTube videos to find the perfect holiday look and while there is definitely amazing inspiration through those sources, we're constantly looking at runway shows for hairstyle inspiration.

15 Christmas hairstyles
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15 Christmas hairstyles

Perfect for a holiday party, tousle your hair and let it free!

What's cuter than a fancy little chignon to celebrate any holiday this winter?

If you're in a pinch for time before a holiday party this season, pulling your hair back into a simple low pony is a great solution. Play up your makeup to make the look more detailed.

For the ultimate girly look at an holiday party, opt for a half up-half down look that'll totally make you look younger!

We love a simple slightly tousled wave for this season. Just toss in a couple curls, brush them out and let your hair go free.

For something a bit more formal and fancy, don't be afraid to roll your hair into a high bun and pair it with a classic red lip.

These small, low braids are everything. Marc by Marc Jacobs debuted them on the runway and we think they're a great way to style your hair during a fun holiday night out with friends.

Don't be afraid to embrace your natural hair. Sleep on your hair and leave it how it looks when you wake up! #IWokeUpLikeThis

A deep side part is one way to make a statement this holiday season. It's the perfect hairstyle to pair with an edgy, rocker outfit you may be sporting this holiday.

If you're into more of a bohemian, free spirit look, this braid is the perfect hairstyle to rock.

Nothing wrong with some pin straight locks to rock to a holiday get together this winter. 

Sometimes winter is just too cold to bare without a hat, so feel free to don one! Top your look off with a little beanie and your warm head will thank you later.

For something classy, beautiful and girly, we're loving long, wavy curls to rock to any event this holiday.

Going out on the town for the night? This is the perfect hairstyle to rock to any club, party or event during the holiday season. Rock a deep colored lip and a little smoky eye with this hairstyle for the ultimate edgy look.

Take some inspiration from some of your favorite celebrities and opt for bombshell waves. 


Of course, many looks may seem a little out there, but luckily, there are many designers who opt for simple, classic hairstyles that can absolutely be worn outside the runways-especially to holiday outings. From tousled waves to intricate braids, these runway looks show you exactly how to style your hair for the holidays no matter where you're going-from the club to a family dinner.

We've gathered some of our favorite, totally doable hairstyles straight from the runway for you to copy this winter. Click through the slideshow above to check them out!

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