13 easy nail designs you can do with scotch tape

nail designs with scotch tape
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13 easy nail designs you can do with scotch tape
1. Diagonal manicure by Isla Everywhwre. An easy-to-make, diagonal mani in classic red and white. Just put tape on it!
2. Summer stripes by Ink + Adventures. A pleasant combination of orange, hot pink and purple, perfect for transitioning to fall.
3. Glitter nails by The Thinking Closet. Add a little glitter to your nails to make gel manicure last longer.
4. Colorful, sideways French mani by Spark & Chemistry. Turn a French mani clockwise, and you’ve got an awesome new look.
5. Easy striped nail art by Hello Little Home. A nice combination of neutral and colored, this mani is the easy way to get into nail art.
6. DIY white triangle nails by A New Bloom. A minimalist approach is just what the trend-doctor ordered this season.
7. Art Deco nail art by Bread Butter Champagne. Nails that were inspired by The Great Gatsby? Count us in.
8. Spikes by Julianne Monday. A stylish combination of colors that’s great for upcoming holiday parties.
9. DIY nail by Cocktail Girl. Mix and match your favorite colors and shapes in this super easy DIY.
10. How to fix chipped polish by Isla Everywhere. An easy fix for chipped nails, with tape and pastel colors.
11. Pattern nail art by One O. A fun mani for everyday wear, geometrical and pastel.
12. Zigzag mani by Pshiiit. An elegant combination between glitter and shiny nail polish, easily obtained with strips of tape.
13. Flesh toned metallic stripes by Love Maegan. A natural looking, but still super stylish mani which combines different metallic shades with a subtle flesh tone.
By: Hello Glow

Before the huge trend of intricate nail art, what did we do with our nails? Was it just a decision between French and plain? I can't even remember. The point is, nail art is becoming increasingly fun and accessible, due to simple, household tools like Scotch tape. You just stick it to your (dried) nails, add another color, and bam! You look like you just came from the salon.

Sounds easy enough, doesn't it? If you're intrigued, check out these tutorials for easy nail designs and start digging up that tape.

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