10 unusual uses for your hair dryer

10 Unusual Uses For Your Hair Dryer
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10 unusual uses for your hair dryer

Remove candle wax that drips on your home's surfaces.  We know, it dries impossibly fast! Get it off using a little heat.

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Set icing on a cake or cupcake, and give it a little shine in the process.

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Have little ones? They always seem to think your perfect white walls are the best canvas: remove crayon marks from your walls with the help of your hairdryer!

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Help start your fire when the wood has too much moisture in it.

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Hate waiting for the steam to clear off the mirror after your shower? A blast of heat will banish it away.

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Blow some hot air on your plastic glasses and you'll be able to better mold them to fit your face.

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If your car is in your driveway and within distance of an outlet, fire up your dryer to blast away the frozen crystals - and keep your ice scraper in the trunk!

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Have you always wanted statement lashes without having to wear falsies? Try heating your eyelash curler up a bit with your hair dryer - it's like using a curling iron!  But be CAREFUL: Always test the metal against your hand to check the heat level - you don't want to burn the delicate skin near your eyes. It also works best on completely clean lashes.

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Use your hair dryer to send a blast of air to high places that are hard to dust -- it doesn't completely solve your dust issue, but it will hopefully move it somewhere that's easier to clean!

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Stop the ouch factor of Bandaids! Sometimes taking a Bandaid off a cut hurts more than the cut itself, but you can soften the bandage with a little heat to make taking it off much less painful.

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Your hair dryer, just like the little jar of Vaseline in your medicine cabinet, is a jack of all trades.

From setting your nail polish to adding some sheen to iced cupcakes, you can use your hair dryer in a bunch of ways you may never have known before! Try blasting some heat at the wall when a little one decides to use it as a canvas for their crayon-masterpiece, and the waxy color will come right off!

Click through the gallery above to see more unusual uses for your hair dryer. We just know you'll begin to appreciate this tool WAY more than you did when it was just there to dry your hair.

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