The 10 worst Oscar wardrobe disasters of all time

The 10 Worst Oscar Wardrobe Disasters of All Time
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The 10 worst Oscar wardrobe disasters of all time

Just because Lizzy wore a dress made up of gold American Express cards doesn’t mean the money-licious look is the best that money can buy. She needs to put those cards to work and buy a real dress.

Did Tyra forget that she isn’t actually a Barbie turned human by Lindsay Lohan in the TV movie Life-Size?

Did Uma Thurman buy this costume on the sale rack at a Halloween store outlet?

Whoopi, is the Wizard of Oz your new stylist?

Demi looks as though she's channeling a chic golden version of Batman and that makes absolutely no sense just like her dress doesn't.

From the sunglasses to the hat to the weird pantsuit that’s seemingly simply draped on her body, this outfit is a mess from head to toe.

Although Cher has a banging body, the Academy Awards is not the place to show it off and especially with a glam-rock ensemble and humongous wig.

Geena Davis’ outfit is proof that a mullet dress is just as bad as the hairstyle.

Arguably the most famously bad Oscar fashion in history, the dead swan look is not one that we would recommend.

What could have possibly possessed Gwyneth Paltrow to wear this gothic see-through dress? This dress has been mentioned in countless worst dressed lists of all time.


The Academy Awards red carpet is usually thought of as a classy event to see the best and latest styles from classic and up-and-coming designers, but these 10 women took the cake as being the biggest Oscar fashion disasters of all time!

From see-through tops to swans to spaghetti straps to mullet dresses, check out our gallery above to see the worst outfits from Hollywood's biggest night.

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