14 winter beauty mistakes you should avoid (and how!)

14 Winter Beauty Mistakes You Can Avoid and How
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14 winter beauty mistakes you should avoid (and how!)

Putting foundation on dry skin

First: You should have different foundations for winter and summer days for two major reasons: your skin shade changes with the strengthening or weakening sun, and while you may need a matte foundation for summer, you need one with moisture in winter.

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Where there's cold wind, there's dry skin.

Yes, winter is the time for major layers, but not on your skin! Don't forget to exfoliate (we recommend once or twice a week) to keep your skin looking fresh. But follow up with a nice thick moisturizer!

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Neglecting your hands and feet

It's important that you take good care of your hands and feet during winter -- because you'll want to show them off come springtime! Wear gloves (give your hands an extra boost by moisturizing right before bed and wearing a pair of gloves to let the cream really sink in) and invest in some really warm, thick socks to keep your tootsies warm.

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Not drinking enough water

We all know drinking plenty of water is important in the summer months to keep you cool and hydrated, but it's equally important in winter! Combat the drying cold winds by drinking lots of H2O.

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Letting your hair color get in a funk

Without the summer sun to gleam off your hair, you risk it looking a little dull.  Spice it up with warm tones and take Winter by storm.

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Stay out of the heat

Lingering in the shower can be detrimental to your fragile skin. If you stay in the shower longer than 15 minutes, you are compromising your lipid layer, which holds in the moisture!

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Lip balm gone wrong

Chapped lips are a constant annoyance in the winter and while they seem to be fixed when you put chap stick on, be warned: if that product contains Menthol, it'll dry your lips again in minutes. Stick to a lip butter or organic formula to really seal in the moisture.

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Over-bronzers beware!

We know it can be tempting to try to extend your summer glow through fall and winter, but just embrace the fact that your skin loses some pigment. You don't want to look like an orange!

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Avoid the smudge

Using waterproof mascara and eyeliner will save you from those hard to remove smudge marks. When blistering winter wind causes your eyes to water, the last thing you need is your mascara running down your face. Try this mascara from Tarte, and you'll never have wind-enduced black tears ever again!

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Protect your hair

Don't forget that your hair needs protection from the winter cold just as much as your hairdryer's heat! Using extra conditioners and protectants will lock in moisture and stop that dry, brittle, weakening that winter can bring.

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Keep moisture in the air

It'll help your skin, your hair, even your sinuses. Use a humidifier (a cute one!) to stop your heater from drying you out completely!

Food with your facial

Getting a facial in the winter can be as bad for your skin as walking outside with wet hair, but if you add a tablespoon of honey and oats to your homemade facial scrub, the ingredients will work to bring down the redness of your dry skin.

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Stop ignoring your cuticles

Don't forget that the key to keeping your nails healthy and strong is taking care of your hands as a whole. Moisturize your hands and use cuticle oil consistently to keep the in good shape -- and as a result, you'll have beautiful nails.

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Keep exercising!

We know. No one wants to go to the gym when it's freezing out, but stay moving and keep warm -- plus, you can excuse that extra cup of hot cocoa when you hit up your Pilates class tomorrow. 

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This winter we all need a little SOS – save our skin! Are you forgetting to exfoliate or lingering in the shower a little longer than usual? These small beauty mistakes in your daily routine may be causing serious damage to your skin!

For some, the winter chill and wind can be incredibly harmful to their delicate skin. In order to curb mother nature from terrorizing your lips and skin, we've got 14 beauty mistakes you're probably making (and can totally avoid). These few tips will help keep you and your skin healthy this winter, so that you're absolutely glowing during the holidays, and when spring finally arrives!

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