10 style moments from 'The O.C.'

10 style moments from 'The O.C.'
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10 style moments from 'The O.C.'
Oh, Ryan. You can take the boy out of Chino, but apparently you can't take the boy out of the white tank top. 
Here's a full shot of the cast, looking cool, aloof, and seductive on the beach. 
Call her high maintenance if you must, but Marissa Cooper could rock a hoodie like nobody's business. 
Well, OK, Marissa usually chose things a little more on the feminine side. Here she is with girlfriend Alex (or shall we say Olivia Wilde), who was into the whole rocker-chic thing. 
BFFs Summer and Marissa were always super stylish. While Marissa wore a lot of skirts and girly accessories, Summer experimented more. Hence, the boyfriend jeans. 
Kirsten was a totally cool mom. The evidence is in her fur collar. 
Seth Cohen made Christmukkah sartorially special by adding his own hand-made accessories. 
Oh, Julie Cooper. This shot is just so far. 
Seth Cohen and Ryan Atwood were best friends and basically brothers, but they had a lot of differences in the style department -- where Seth was geek-chic, Ryan was a white tank top sporting bad boy (but not at heart!). 
Now this guy (and his chains) were just bad news. Not the show's most fashionable moment, but like Ryan, Volchok was also a fan of the white tank top (not pictured here). 
'The O.C.' premiered ten years ago this week, and if that doesn't make you feel nostalgic, our roundup up ten style moments from the beloved television show definitely will.

Whether you were "Obsessed.Completely" or were just tuning in so you'd have something to chat with your friends about at the lunch table, it's hard to deny that 'The O.C.' was one of the most popular shows for the millennial generation.

In honor of its tenth anniversary, here's ten style moments from 'The O.C.' that you may or may not remember. One thing's for sure though -- there is definitely a picture of Ryan Atwood in a white tank top somewhere in this gallery.
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