10 reasons you don't have the skin you want

10 reasons you don't have the skin you want
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10 reasons you don't have the skin you want
A steaming shower or bath may be relaxing, but using hot water every day can actually dry out skin. Do yourself (and your complexion) a favor; turn the valves to a more tepid temperature while bathing.
The endorphins that come with having sex (or even fantasizing) help increase the amount of collagen — aka the stuff that gives skin its plumpness elasticity — produced. Maybe you should read 50 Shades of Grey after all.
It can take weeks for any new product to do its best work. In addition, constantly switching regimens can cause your skin to misbehave. So give your products a fair chance to do their thing, and be cautious when incorporating new ones.
Just say "no, thanks" to that extra cocktail before bed. Alcohol dehydrates the skin, puffs up the face, and interrupts your beauty sleep. Smoking is also a complexion wrecker, as it speeds up signs of aging by decreasing your blood flow.
Did you know that coarse salt has been used to remove tattoos? And as you might deduct, jagged edges aren't the best choice for your facial scrubs. Look for gentle bamboo or sugar exfoliators over rougher-textured apricot and salt scrubs.
Put down that chocolate bar and sidestep wrinkles. Excess sugar can break down the collagen that contributes to skin's elasticity, and it turns out candy isn't your only sugar culprit. Watch out for carbohydrates that quickly convert into sugar (like potatoes, pasta, and bread). Reach for foods high in omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamin C instead.
A few hours at the gym a week can do wonders for your complexion. Exercise increases blood flow, giving your skin a glow from within. Sweating also helps your body release toxins. Just make sure to cleanse before and after workouts to prevent acne from rearing its ugly head.
There's nothing inherently wrong with sleeping on cotton, but thanks to its smooth fibers, silk is often considered to be gentler on the hair and face. Its soft fabric also helps moisture stay close to your body, keeping dehydration at bay. Besides, its cooling properties feel sensational on the skin.
You've heard it countless times before, but sunscreen is a must in preventing all sorts of skin damage. Even when the weather cools, it's important to apply protection to the uncovered areas (face, neck, and hands). While your entire body requires a shot glass, your face only needs about a blueberry-sized portion.
Your parents instilled the importance of visiting the dentist and the doctor regularly, but what about the dermatologist? Even women without acne can benefit from professional help. Dermatologists can customize your regimen and reveal damage you can't see with the naked eye.
Even though you think you're doing all the right things, some of your daily habits could be taking a toll on your skin. No one is perfect. But there are a few things you can change right now to get a glowing appearance. Find out if any of these activities are culprits, and get your complexion moving in the right direction.

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