10 questions for the men of the World Cup regarding their hairstyles

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10 questions for the men of the World Cup regarding their hairstyles
Isn't Christiano Ronaldo worried that all that crunchy, slippery gel is going to mess up his header shots? 
Or maybe he is pissed off that teammate Nani is trying to one-up him with those hair stars? 
Did a secret hair council get together and decide that the baby mohawk was going to be the official hairstyle of World Cup 2014? So. Many. 
Why shave all or most of your hair off when you're going to just grow a jungle on your face? Can we call it the reverse shag? (Please note also: Baby mohawk.)
Why do dread locks look so dreadful and yet so dead-sexy at the same time?
Do we need to be worried that frosted tips are coming back? If Brazilian superstar Neymar is doing it...
Is Jared Leto concerned that his man bun is going to be played out after the World Cup is over? It's the second official hair look. 
Are we ever going to be able to answer that age old question about which kind of headband is better -- thick or thin?
What does Iranian player Alireza Jahanbakhsh use to grow his thick, shiny hair and where can we get some? 
Can anyone incorporate more soccer hair trends into one single style than Ghana's Asamoah Gyan? We think not (carved number, blonde frost, mohawk).

Hockey players grow playoff beards. The Williams sisters started a trend of wearing nail art in tennis. And soccer players are completely obsessed with their hair. We get this. They play on a global stage and don't have to wear any sort of hat or protective headwear. We would want to have really good hair in that situation, too. As we've watched games during the 2014 World Cup, though, we've found ourselves flummoxed about some of their follicular choices.

Click on the gallery above to see the questions we have for the men of soccer.

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