10 luxurious natural products you need to try

10 luxurious natural beauty products
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10 luxurious natural products you need to try

What it doesn't have: Parabens, sulfates, phthalates—the entire line is free of these—and chemical sunscreen.

Why we like it: If you're new to the whole natural/eco-friendly movement, Josie Maran is the place to start. The products are infused with argan oil that the company sources from female-run co-ops in Morocco. The ingredients are natural and organic, and the products rock. Take the Best of Beauty–winning Argan Daily Moisturizer, for example: It moisturizes and protects skin with an all-natural SPF of 47 (!) but feels like nothing at all. And while the amber glass jar doesn't make it the ideal bottle of sunscreen to take on a hike, it will certainly hold its own on your vanity.

What it doesn't have: Beautycounter banned more than 1,500 chemicals and ingredients from its products. You can check out the list here.

Why we like it: If you think the word "tint" suggests it has little to no coverage, you're wrong—so wrong. This tinted moisturizer can totally replace your foundation when you don't feel like wearing any (it covered our red spots and dark marks as well as our medium-coverage foundation does). We love that it comes in seven shades, including three for deeper skin tones.

What it doesn't have: Petroleum, sulfates, and parabens (the entire line is free of them). It's 99 percent natural.

Why we like it: While we love our trusty tubes of lip balm, this oil is about a thousand times more decadent (and, amazingly, only $4.99). The coconut, avocado, and eucalyptus oils add sheen and a cooling touch to chapped lips, and the formula moisturizes without feeling like you smeared Crisco over your mouth.

What it doesn't have: Parabens, synthetic fragrances, mineral oil, sulfate detergents, phthalates, urea, and DEA and TEA (chemical emulsifiers).

Why we like it: Everything feels, smells, and looks luxurious. Shake a few dollops into your palm and massage it over your face with water—it's an incredibly gentle exfoliator. Plus, we're suckers for the elegant, shiny white jar.

What it doesn't have: Petroleum, parabens, phthalates, or fillers (all of the brand's products are 100 percent natural)

Why we like it: We could go on and on about Vapour Organic Beauty's eco-conscious, made-in-the-USA manufacturing and natural, organic, cruelty-free ingredients. But what you really need to know is that their products deliver: This creamy bronzer melts into skin for a fresh-from-Miami glow. The color is best for fair to medium skin tones, but everyone can benefit from the skin-softening shea butter and antioxidants.

What it doesn't have: GMOs, gluten, soy, synthetic preservatives, and other questionable chemicals.

Why we like it: It's the brand's best-seller for a reason: The creamy gold-flecked highlighter gives skin a dewy, not glittery, glow. Dab a little under your brows, on your cheekbones, above your lips—you can apply it just about anywhere (the ingredients are raw and food-grade...but don't eat it).

What it doesn't have: Polybutenes, sulfates, and petroleum by-products (the entire line is free of them).

Why we like it: If you didn't know anything about Bite's commitment to using only natural, food-grade ingredients, you'd probably think this was just a kick-ass lip crayon. The formula is hydrating and creamy (which is kind of shocking for a natural, matte crayon), and we love that the tip is small and tapered so you can draw a tight line above your Cupid's bow.

What it doesn't have: Artificial fragrances, synthetics, fillers, genetically modified organisms, or gluten. By the way, all their products are 100 percent natural.

Why we like it: It's one of the first all-natural serums we've used that not only feels great (both on our face and our conscience), but also packs an anti-aging punch. Immediately after we smoothed on the citrusy formula, our skin felt plump and soft. And if you're diligent with sunscreen, the antioxidants and Madonna lily stem cells will fade discoloration over time, too.

What it doesn't have: Let us rephrase this as what it does have—water, salt, and lavender oil. That's it.

Why we like it: Spritz it on damp or dry hair for perfectly tousled beachy waves that aren't crunchy or tacky (just don't overdo it—four or five sprays is enough). Oh, and thanks to the lavender oil, your hair will smell incredible.

What it doesn't have: Parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, phthalates, triclosan, animal by-products, and gluten (the entire line is free of all of these ingredients).

Why we like it: We've seen a ton of tinted brow gels hit the market lately. But so many of them have a major design flaw: a big, bulky brush that deposits way too much formula in all the wrong places. Tarte's formula is subtler than others, but you can really wiggle it into sparse brows because the brush is so thin. And since the color deposit is light, it won't smear or smudge throughout the day.


It wasn't that long ago that the words "natural" or "chemical-free" on a beauty product would prompt you to plug your nose. Some products just smelled a bit too natural. Oh, how times have changed. Consider these new natural products the Model S Teslas in a world of clunky hybrids-they're effective, sure, but they're also damn luxurious (and smell great, to boot).

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