10 Long-Lost '90s Trends Ripe for a Comeback

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10 Long-Lost '90s Trends Ripe for a Comeback
My mother wouldn’t let me have these, but my best friend did. They turned everyone into an IRL version of those creepy Steve Madden ads you used to rip out and Scotch tape to your bedroom wall. If platform sneaks are back, there’s a good chance the summer version could follow suit.
We owe our entire junior high love lives to the man/woman who invented the heat-sensitive Hypercolor shirt. Sure, they more than resembled the way your normal tees looked when your mom accidentally dripped bleach on them in the laundry… but they were SO cool. See that hand print? Oh yeah. He touched me there.
It can’t be long before someone sends models down the runway with their hair held back in perfectly separated rows, only made possible by these babies.
Remember the first time you saw one of these one-size-fits-all miracles? I do. They looked like a fluffy sweater for a chihuahua and then magically expanded to fit any shape or size. It was incredible and also hilarious. Fashion needs more magic like that.

You didn’t need to have balance skills (or a skateboard) to wear jeans made for skaters in the ’90s. Your shoes didn’t really have to match, since your feet were always covered anyway. Wide leg jeans (like these JNCOs) were pretty much the worst when it was raining or snowing–they were impossible to tuck into rain boots. And sure, you’d occasionally trip over their weight/length in the hall at school… but they made your ass look real good.

Nothing said ethereal elegance in the ’90s like a swarm of sparkly plastic butterflies stuck into your hair. Much like the spider comb headband, the proper wearing of butterfly clips was all about sectioning off the hair–whether it be in twists, cornrows, or just straight back. These hurt like f–k when you stepped on them barefoot–but I’d still gladly welcome them back into my life.
Don’t pretend like you didn’t do this. Mariah Carey claimed she invented this non-sensical style while filming the “Heartbreaker” video. Non-sensical in the respect that, once you’ve torn off your pants’ button fly, there’s nothing to stop the zipper from falling down. Then again, that whole deconstructed thing has been pretty big on the runway recently, so…
Chokers of the 90s had a sort of badass S&M thing going on that was softened by crushed velvet and cameos that might’ve belonged to your great aunt. They never got tangled like every other necklace you probably own, which is a really good trait to have when you’ve spent the last 15 years in the bottom of a Caboodle.
Good for shielding the sun and being generally awesome. The best kind had a silk sunflower attached a la Blossom. Would you wear one if these came back?
We’re surprised this hasn’t resurfaced yet. Brown lipstick (along with awkwardly plucked/drawn-on brows) was the beauty trademark of the ’90s. It always makes me think of this incident when my little brother asked my cousin, “Why are your lips brown?” to which my mother explained within hearing range, “It’s called a fad.” BURN.
We bet you're regretting donating all your old overalls to Goodwill right about now, huh? From black light nail polish to slap bracelets and belly button rings, '90s fashion hasn't been this popular since, well, the '90s. Topshop is even selling a pair of high-heeled glitter jellies (which we somewhat embarrassingly are considering copping).
But there are several beloved (or maybe, reviled) '90s trends that have yet to resurface. Behold, our list of long-lost '90s trends that now, in 2013, are more than ripe for a comeback. As with all things in fashion, it's only a matter of time... Will you embrace them?

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