10 celebs who look better with dyed hair

10 celebs who look better with dyed hair
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10 celebs who look better with dyed hair

Natural: Dirty Blonde

Although we know Zooey Deschanel as a quirky brunette, her natural hair is more of a dirty blonde.

Dyed: Chocolate Brown

The deep brunette really brings out her aqua blue eyes. Plus, can you imagine those bangs any other color?

Natural: Mousy Brown 

When Scarlett Johansson was first spotted on the scene, she sported her natural brown hue. 

Dyed: Bombshell Blonde

Since then, she's transitioned to a blonde with soft honey highlights. This fits her bombshell image much better. 

Natural: Dirty Blonde

Sofia Vergara recently returned to her natural blonde earlier this year for a short period of time.

Dyed: Caramel Brown

For her fiery role on Modern Family, she dyed her hair to a rich caramel brown that highlights that gorgeous tan of hers. 

Natural: Dark Brown

From Buffy the Vampire Slayer to How I Met Your Mother, we've never seen Alyson Hannigan with her natural brunette hue on screen. 

Dyed: Copper

Her soft shade of red has helped to signify her as the girl next door. 

Natural: Strawberry Blonde

We completely forgot Kristen Stewart had natural strawberry blonde hair. The last time we saw a similar hue was when she went a lighter blonde for In The Land of Women with Adam Brody.

Dyed: Chestnut Brown

We love the look of the actress' porcelain skin with her chestnut shade. 

Natural: Chocolate Brown

Charlize Theron rarely shows her natural color, but since going short, her dark roots have been more prominent.

Dyed: Honey Blonde

But her signature honey blonde pairs perfectly with her lightly bronzed skin and soft blue eyes. 

Natural: Dark Blonde

Before her Gossip Girl days, Leighton Meester never deviated from her natural blonde hair. 

Dyed: Chestnut Brown

And since the show ended last year, the actress has kept the dark hue. Just look how it brightens her dark brown eyes. 

Natural: Light Blonde

Just a tad darker than bleached blonde, Olivia Wilde's natural color was seriously California girl. (Anyone remember her big start on The O.C.?)

Dyed: Ombré

With a subtle ombré, the actress looks much more mature. 

Natural: Mousy Brown

Rachel McAdams is naturally brunette, although we rarely see her on screen or off with the darker shade.

Dyed: Golden Blonde

We originally met her as a gorgeous blonde in Mean Girls and The Notebook. The color seems to brighten her eyes and give her face more of a golden glow. 

Natural: Dark Brown

It's been a lifetime since we've seen it, but Beyonce's natural color is dark brown. 

Dyed: Caramel Blonde

Is it us, or does the lighter hue make her skin glisten?


Just because you're born with it doesn't mean that's what looks best; sometimes you need a little tweak. From Zooey Deschanel to Charlize Theron, these stars have decided to forgo their natural color and now we can't imagine them any other way.

Check out the gallery above for some of our favorite dye-job transformations!

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