10 Biggest Beauty Myths About Your Nails

10 Biggest Beauty Myths About Your Nails
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10 Biggest Beauty Myths About Your Nails

No, they do not.  They’re not alive.  Everything the nail plate needs to grow and function is provided by your body – in the blood stream – not by the outside elements. In fact, keeping them polished might help to keep the natural oils in your nails, so is better for them!

Polish dries when the solvents within the formula evaporate – putting them in water will just halt this drying process!

In actuality, your cuticles are the only thing keeping germs out of your nail beds. When you clip your cuticles, you’ll expose them to dangerous germs. Plus, the skin of the cuticle (which is essentially scar tissue) will grow back thicker than before.

It honestly depends on the proper technique of applying AND removing.  Neither acrylics nor gel should damage your nails, if done correctly, so choose your salon well.

Actually, this is one sure way to weaken your nails -- possibly causing the edges to peel. Make sure when you're filing that you start from the edge and move towards the center.  Try the short-short-long motion, be sure to use a very fine file, and be gentle with it. Also, only file your nails when they are completely dry. 

Not true.  Vitamins and nutrients can only reach your nails through the blood stream by eating well.  Some nail oils have “vitamin E” but that is there as an antioxidant to help protect the nail plate from exposure to the elements.

Many women have great hair, glowing skin and long nails while they’re pregnant.  And yes, this can possibly be attributed to these vitamins, but they’re not to be taken unless instructed by a doctor.  Taking too much of one vitamin could cause skin problems or make you sick!

False – nails are made of keratin not gelatin (which is made of processed collagen), so this won’t affect your nails at all. Put down that Jell-o, lady! Unless you just love the fruity flavor, of course.

It's not necessary to take up extra space, because this does not keep your polish fresher. While the cool temperature will slow the thickening of the polish, the best way to keep it in good shape is to be sure to securely tighten the top between polishes.

False, it might mean you’ve had a recent mild or moderate injury to your nails, but will not tell you anything about your calcium levels. These small white spots are common.

Listen ladies, there are a few things you may have been told over the years about your nails that simply aren't true. Remember when your mom told you if you crossed your eyes too much, they'd stay that way? That one certainly scared us, but we discovered fairly quickly that Mom was just pulling our leg.

Well we've got a list of 10 beauty myths about your nails that are just as false as the forever-crossed doom, and some of them might surprise you. From one common drying technique that might actually be hurting your mani rather than helping, to a common misconception about what small white spots on your nails might mean, we've got you covered.

Click through the gallery above to see the 10 biggest myths regarding your nails, and never be fooled again!
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