15 awesome people to follow during the Golden Globe Awards

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15 awesome people to follow during the Golden Globe Awards

This ridiculously talented photographer posts weekly “loop portraits,” or what we regular folk refer to as GIFs. And based on his previous work -- like the shadow dancer pictured -- we know he’s going to churn out something super-spectacular for the Golden Globes. Check out his Tumblr blog here.

If you’re looking for a nail artist to follow during the awards, Naomi Yasuda, aka NaomiNailsNYC, is your girl. She’s a polish pro based in New York (by way of Japan) and has painted the talons of the biggest Hollywood divas (think: Lady Gaga). Her Instagram feed is a constant stream of covetable nail art inspiration, and we can’t get enough. See what we mean by clicking here.

One of our favorite Tumblr pages to stalk on the daily is Sam Cannon’s. She’s a photo and video artist based in NYC with a talent for mini-movies. Ranging from super-sweet to super-eerie, her GIFs are just plain good! Check out her awesome, artsy feed here.    

As a member of the L’Oréal Paris Pro Team, this hairstylist and makeup artist has the inside scoop on all that’s new and noteworthy in the fashion and beauty realm. Her creations have graced the pages of some of the best beauty glossies -- think Glamour and Elle. We follow her Instagram for a daily dose of glam -- and now you can, too, @mirnajose.

Vlogs from the young YouTuber Katy Bellotte (HelloKatyXO) offer a mix of beauty, fashion and lifestyle goodies, all with a common theme -- humor! She covers everything from über-functional “get ready with me” beauty content to more avant-garde (read: hilarious) stuff like “guys do makeup blindfolded.” We can’t wait to see which way her GG coverage skews -- maybe a mix? Check her out here.

The flawless makeup looks this video maven comes up with are on point! We could sit for hours watching her apply glittery eye makeup and create sassy, party-ready peepers -- and we do. Trust us, watch just one video on her channel (LoveMelisaMichelle) and you’ll be hooked.

This self-proclaimed beach bum is definitely not laid-back when it comes to all things fashion and beauty. In fact, Evelina has gone all out with some pretty awesome DIY segments -- in other words, her hairstyle creations would kill on the red carpet. We can’t wait to see which celeb styles from the Golden Globes make the cut. The only way to find out is to click here.

If you want an inside look at Golden Globes nails, this is your main guy. We’ve got it on good authority that he’ll be painting both Jennifer Lopez’s and Jennifer Aniston’s digits for the big day. Check Tom’s Instagram feed for some major behind-the-scenes beauty!

This celeb hairstylist is Emma Stone’s go-to gal, so you know she’s going to be posting some pictures of enviable tresses. Follow her Instagram, and beyond gorgeous hair and some celeb cameos, you’re guaranteed to catch a glimpse of her adorable French bulldog, Marc Silverstein!

If you’re looking for hair color inspo -- whether it’s awards season or just any given day -- look no further than Kari Hill’s Instagram feed. This celeb colorist has the pulse on what’s trending, and works her hair magic on lots of your favorite leading ladies. She’s a wiz with blondes like Golden Globes host Amy Poehler and nominee Taylor Schilling.

For a glimpse into the life of an in-demand makeup artist, check out Brandy Gomez-Duplessis’ Instagram. With posts of her day-to-day life, showcasing all the beauty you could ask for, Brandy’s feed is one of our favorites. She’s always moving between celebrity clients, red carpet events, fashion shows and various makeup assignments -- you’ll love following along! 

Are you constantly buzzing about all things beauty? Us, too. That’s why we’re obsessed with Diana’s Instagram account! Native New Yorker Diana’s urban roots and international work have made her a sought-after makeup artist. Follow her and you’ll catch snaps of celebs, products and fabulous makeup looks in your feed, all showcasing Diana’s fresh, modern approach.

Love being inspired by beauty? Then Emilia is definitely someone you want to follow. This small-town girl moved to the big city to chase her dream of becoming a makeup artist and now has more than 10 years’ experience on countless photo shoots, runway shows, private clients, commercials and independent film projects. We love seeing her dreams come to life through her beautiful images.

We swoon every time we see one of Griselle Rosario’s photos in our feed! Her images are pure editorial eye candy, and we totally recommend following along. Griselle is a leading editorial hairstylist and makeup artist with more than 12 years of experience in the business, and has worked her makeup magic in a variety of areas including fashion, print, film and video. 

Following Stephanie Flor on Instagram is like having a backstage pass at some of the coolest photo shoots and runway shows. She serves up exclusive behind-the-scenes shots of her makeup artistry, and it’s gorgeous. She works regularly with industry leaders ranging from musicians to celebrity personalities (Mariah Carey is one of her clients!).

By: The Beauty Experts at L'Oréal Paris

The nominees are in, and you're getting in full-on viewing-party mode -- brushing up on your fashion and beauty lingo so you can appropriately comment on every celeb who sets foot on the red carpet. And you know who else is doing that? Every vlogger, blogger, Tumblrer, tweeter and Instagrammer in the game -- in other words, your social feed is about to blow up! Here's who you need to be following as the glamorous get ready to rock the Golden Globes.

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