Top 5 TV Shows that NEED to Be Cancelled, Jumped the Shark

If a television show is able to get to a fourth season, chances are that it has some modicum of quality, but once it starts pressing 200 episodes it's more likely that the show has become a husk of its former self. A simple cash cow for network execs to milk dry. Today we're counting down the top 5 shows that were once great but have now overstayed their welcome and need to be canceled A-STAT. #5 Grey's Anatomy Long ago this sexy hospital drama was a smash hit that was able to tell heartbreaking and high tension stories, but somewhere along its third cataclysmic tragedy the melodrama started to wear thin. If you've stopped watching, chances are that your favorite character has died in a the most painful and unlikely circumstances. In total 8 doctors have died over the course of the show's twelve seasons, and the ones that haven't are suffering from survivor's guilt and crippling depression, not to mention the stray bouts of cancer and amputation. #4 Bachelor Why is the Bachelor still a thing? They've been doing this for 21 seasons. Hasn't America learned that true love can't be found on a reality TV set? Apparently not, because we're still making women fight for some boring white dude’s roses. Every season of this show is a rehash of the last and always ends with the couple breaking up. Maybe once upon a time, the Bachelor was fresh and revolutionary but the concept has been driven into the dirt. It's time we send it to Reality TV Heaven with American Idol and The Jersey Shore or hell with Tila Tequila. #3 Orange Is The New Black Once upon a time, Orange Is The New Black was the hot new show making waves and proving Netflix as a force to be reckoned with. Now, Netflix has dozens of better shows and Orange Is The New Black has lost its shine. There was once a point where it was making sharp commentary on the prison-industrial complex while giving a voice to characters that television rarely hands a microphone over to, but after 4 seasons of the same thing the premise gets old. #2 Simpsons Honestly who even still watches the Simpsons religiously? Sure, the Simpsons is a legendary show, but all good things must come to an end. While it still has its funny moments, the show has drastically declined in quality over its 28 year run. Successors like Bob's Burgers and American Dad now command the same presence that the Simpsons once did so it's time for Homer and kin to step aside. Out of the respect we think the Simpsons should be allowed two more seasons, one mediocre that no one will watch and one that’s a momentous celebration of 30 years of animation. But that's all you get Simpsons. 30 Seasons. Ask for any more and we're pulling the plug. #1 Big Bang Theory To be fair the Big Bang Theory was never a particularly "great" show, which is why its critical and commercial success baffles so many. But even by its own standards, The Big Bang Theory has gotten boring. Like we get it, they're all nerds and Sheldon is annoying. On the plus side, of the character arcs that the show has toyed with, most have reached or are reaching their logical conclusions, so ending the Big Bang Theory might actually be the best decision for fans of the show. Alas, CBS will never give up their golden goose so willingly, but no amount of laugh track will make their same stale jokes funny. There you have it: our top 5 list of shows that really really need to be canceled. If you think we missed one, let us know in the comments.

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