Is “Sea of Thieves” the Best Pirate Game Ever??

Attention all sea dogs and scalawags, greatness awaits on the horizon! Sea of Thieves launched Monday night and…it had server issues. (Can we PLEASE get a game launch with NO problems? Do people not plan for this now?) But now that it’s working, here are 5 things you should know before setting sail. 5. The Game. Pirate fantasy is at the core of Sea of Thieves. Solve riddles, X marks the spot, dig up booty, steal from others - you know, pirate stuff. You can go at it alone, but it’s pretty hard, so most players join a crew of up to four. 4. The Items. You can only hold two of four weapons: A cutlass, a pistol, a blunderbuss or a sniper rifle. You can eat bananas to heal yourself, use wooden planks to repair your ship and cannonballs to, well, I don’t need to tell you what those are for. 3. The Ships. There are two ships. The small one is for those going solo or duo. The larger ship, while it has superior firepower, is less nimble than the smaller ship. On it, you can store much needed items like cannonballs and wooden planks and, of course, all the treasure chests you find. If your ship ever gets destroyed, or if our crew mutinies and sends you to on a island, a mermaid will teleport you back to your ship. 2. The Rewards. Go on voyages and adventures to find chests. But these chests don’t mean much to you until you turn them in for gold. So, while having lots of these treasures on your ship might look cool, a stash will make you think twice about engaging another ship. Turning in chests will also raise your reputation as a pirate which, in turn, will open you up to more daring adventures. 1. The Crew. Sea of Thieves can be cross-played on both PC and Xbox One. That means you can team up with a buddy OR face others who are on either of these two systems. And teamwork is CRUCIAL when setting sail, the ships are beasts and hard to control. Any chance of you’d buy Sea of thieves? Who would be in your pirate crew? Let us know in the comments!

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