Up-close footage of sloth crossing the road

Tourists videotape a lazy bear crossing one of the streets of Costa Rica, a Central American country. A sloths are captured crossing the main road between Cahuita and Puerto Viejo in Costa Rica. Slothes bear the name of the capital sin of laziness because they seem slow and lazy at first glance; however, their usual inactivity is due to metabolic adaptations to conserve energy. Sloth bears, also known as folivores, are animals that live in tropical environments. This exotic animal is one of the most passive mammals and is considered the slowest of all mammals. However, this helps it to go unnoticed by the larger animals that could be possible predators. There are currently two genera, the two-toed sloths and the three-toed sloths, however it is known that there were more than 50 genera that are now extinct. Although they have visual similarities with primates, they do not share any ties with them. Instead, they are related to anteaters and more distantly to armadillos. They owe their name to the way and speed in which they move. The main reason why these animals are so slow is to go unnoticed. With this they avoid their natural predators, such as eagles and jaguars that would otherwise easily find them. If they were only a little slow they would be easy prey to detect and hunt, however, because of their extreme slowness they are almost impossible to detect. Eagles, for example, hunt and wreak havoc on monkey populations, which is not the case with sloths. They have managed to do this because they feed on a resource that is everywhere, more specifically, in all the trees, the leaves. If instead they had to move in order to obtain their food, they would not move as slowly as they do. In addition, feeding on leaves is another reason why these animals are so slow. Leaves provide few nutrients and energy, so they can't spend too much energy if they only feed on them. There are two kinds of sloths, those with three fingers in each hand and those with only two. Although it is one of the slowest and least active animals on land, underwater is considered one of the most skilled mammals. In their natural habitat it is almost impossible to find them on the earth's surface because they have little muscle mass and cannot stand to walk and have to crawl to move. For this reason, to see a lazy one walking on the surface is something that rarely we will have the fortune to see, this deserves to be engraved, and of course, to try not to intimidate the animal nor to bother it at all, if it needs our help we can offer him a hand, since to walk is something difficult to them because they spend most of the time hanging of the trees.

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