Mom can't stop laughing at baby driving puppy nuts

A young mum captured the entertaining moment a cockapoo got jealous of his best mate's new toy.Abigail Johnson, 24, had bought her son Charlie, 18 months, a new toy of a miniature barking dog on 25 September.She gave Charlie the toy to play with in their living room in Portsmouth but had no idea she'd receive such a boisterous reaction from their puppy Lola.Lola, 5 months, stared suspiciously at the new toy before flying into a fit of jealousy at the attention Charlie was giving the fake dog.Abigail immediately whipped out her phone to capture the hilarious scene as Charlie burst into a fit of giggles and tried to play with both dogs at the same time to eliminate any feelings of neglect.Abigail said: "I've always got my phone on me ready to film Charlie and Lola and send any videos I get over to my partner when he's at work."Charlie and Lola were being naughty again, trying to eat crayons out of our cupboard, so I pulled out the dog toy I'd bought Charlie the day before."Lola balked away from it straight away - she was very suspicious and I could see her trying to work out what it was."As Charlie played with the toy, Lola was barking like mad and jumping about the carpet, it was hilarious."Charlie went to pat the pretend dog and you could tell immediately that Lola was jealous of this new puppy getting more attention than her."Lola was jumping on Charlie's legs, licking his hand, and pushing away the toy - basically doing anything she could to get all eyes on her!"Mum Abigail has been dog obsessed ever since she was a little girl, and the love for furry friends has certainly passed on to her son Charlie.She spent years trying to convince her partner Adam, 29, to bring a dog into their lives, but the control engineer was never keen on a fluffy member of the family.The couple have been together for five years and welcomed baby Charlie on 1 May  2018.It wasn't until Charlie started showing an interest in dogs himself that Abigail finally persuaded Adam to look for a pet.Abigail said: "I grew up with dogs in the family home and I always wanted to get my own pooch when I moved out."Adam used to be allergic to his friend's dog when he was a child, so he was very reluctant to get a dog with me, even though I saw him occasionally looking lovingly at my family's dog."We had Charlie in May 2018, and whenever we were out of the house, he'd point at dogs and try and chase after them!"From then on, it was two against one, and Adam eventually caved and agreed to us getting a dog."We saw a post on Pets4Homes of this local woman selling a gorgeous little cockapoo and immediately fell in love."As I had my hands full with Charlie at home and Adam back at work, the woman kindly brought the puppy over to our house for us."Within minutes of Lola being in the house, she was chasing after Charlie, yapping at his nappy as he giggled in excitement!"She's definitely not a shy dog, she just ran straight in and was became part of the family straight away."From their very first meeting, Charlie and Lola have been the best of friends.Charlie had just turned one when 9 week old Lola bounded her way through the front door and into the family's hearts.The adorable duo are inseparable, going on walks together and always cuddling up at home as well as keeping Abigail on her toes with their mischievous games.Abigail said: "They really are best mates, and it warms my heart whenever I see them playing together."I could watch them for hours, they're so entertaining and it makes me so happy to hear Charlie giggling away at Lola."They are naughty though - I'll often catch Charlie trying to sneak Lola food from the dinner table, and they definitely keep me busy, chasing after the pair of them!"Adam has totally fallen in love with Lola as well, he was so hesitant at the start, but now it's his fault that the dog comes to bed with us each night!"Dogs were a big part of my childhood, so it really makes me smile seeing Charlie grow up with his own furry best friend and I'm so happy we brought Lola into the family."

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