Veterinarian Swears by $1 Food Hack to Help Dogs Live Longer

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Everyone wants to give their dogs the best, but sometimes the best comes at a high price. However that doesn't have to be the case! A veterinarian online is sharing some tips on how to beef up your dog's nutrition — and all of her recommendations cost less than a dollar.

Dr. Nicole Rous brought her camera shopping with her so that she could show the internet some of the best things anyone can buy at their local grocery store.

Not only will your dog probably love these treats, according to the video Rous made, it might even extend your dog's longevity.

"Fed is best always," the vet explained, meaning that no matter how you feed your dog, a fed dog is always better than a hungry dog.

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Her first tip? Add eggs. "Eggs really are a nutrition powerhouse for our pets," she explained in the footage. They're "packed full of vitamins and minerals — and also good levels of protein," she explained. At less than $1 per egg, it's a daily supplement that most pet owners can afford.

The comments section was so into this advice. "Our Staffy eats those sardines every night. Was the only way to soothe his skin and bring down a lump on his wrist," one person shared. "My dogs go crazy for eggs raw and cooked lol," someone else chimed in. "Our Husky has four eggs a day! Two in the AM. Two in the PM. He loves them!" another commenter exclaimed.

Homemade Dog Food Recipe

If you want to take things a step further, you can make your own dog food. It's not hard! You'll just want to make sure you're serving your dog well-balanced meals made from food like chicken, pork, ground beef, corn, rice, and carrots.

A simple recipe calls for one chicken, a package of spaghetti, half a large cabbage, and three medium carrots. Roast the chicken and then cut it up in bite-sized pieces. Make sure to throw away any bones, as they could get lodged in a dog's throat. Boil your carrots for 20 minutes in a pot of water before removing them and mashing them. You want to add the carrots and chicken to boiled cabbage (which again, will be cut into small pieces) and cooked pasta. For all ingredients make sure not to add in salt or any seasoning, dogs can't take too much sodium. Serve in small portions and then save the rest for the week.

Make sure you consult your vet before changing anything in your dog's diet. The best diet is one that keeps your pup happy and healthy.

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