Winona Ryder Has Entered the Chat on Kendall Jenner's Met Gala Givenchy Dress

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Update: Winona Ryder has seemingly entered the chat about the Givenchy dress Kendall Jenner wore to this year's Met Gala. In her recent Harper's Bazaar cover story, the Beetlejuice actor hinted that she may have worn the dress before Kendall sported it on the Met steps in May. ICYMI, The Kardashians star told reporters she was the "first human" to wear the archival cutout gown—and Winona seems to have challenged that in her latest interview.

Winona told Harper's Bazaar that she had "heard about" the dress dilemma during the Met Gala, and said, "I do remember that [Flaunt] photo shoot." She continued, "And I did wear it. I have pictures. The photographer gave me some prints. I'm in a tartan in one of them, and I'm in that dress."

Hey, just a quick q: what is the truth?! Asking for myself.

Original article: It's been a few days since A-listers donned their stunning looks on the steps at the 2024 Met Gala, and there are some that the internet can't help but still obsess over. See: Kim Kardashian's tiny artisanal Margiela corset, EmRata's transparent and sparkly Versace dress, and Zendaya's two (!!!) show-stopping looks. The latest look to cause a stir online, though? That'd be Kendall Jenner's archival Givenchy gown, which Alexander McQueen designed for the label's Fall/Winter haute couture collection in 1999.

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The model told Vogue correspondent LaLa Anthony that she was the "first human" to wear the dress as it's been kept in the archives for 24 years. However, fashion buffs online quickly found a photo of Winona Ryder wearing what appears to be the same cutout gown for a 1999 editorial in Flaunt Magazine, and—naturally—everyone started spiraling.

Givenchy also released a statement, which claimed that Kendall was the first person to wear the design.

I mean... there truly hasn't been this much debate over a dress since the white and gold vs. black and blue war of 2015. So, what is the truth about Kendall Jenner's archival Givenchy gown?

According to an industry source via E! News, Winona's dress "was a replica of the original presentation look." The insider added that the original had "never been worn prior to Kendall's appearance at the 2024 Met Gala."

The Kardashians star also explained to Vogue that she couldn't make any changes to her look since it would be sent back to the Givenchy archives after fashion's biggest night. But, the supermodel was supermodeling, because she noted that it "just fit perfectly."

Welp! While we seemingly have an answer to the Met mystery, we can't help but continue spiraling over the moment. 😵💫

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